Back in Time

40 Years Ago

JULY 8, 1976


By Brion C. “Rusty” Smith

To talking politics with a friend the other night and coming up with the following descriptions of the various political views.

Here we go:

SOCIALISM – If you own two cows, the government tells you to give one to your neighbor.

COMMUNISM – You own two cows, the governments takes both and gives you the milk.

FASCISM – You own two cows, the government takes both and sells you the milk.

NIZIISM – You own two cows, the government takes both and shoots you.

NEW DEALISM – You own two cows, the government takes both, shoots one, milks the other and throws the milk away.

CAPITALISM – You own two cows, you sell one and buy a bull!

Then there is Osceola Countyism– You shoot both cows and then wonder why you don’t have any milk.

60 Years Ago

JULY 5, 1956




The “Welcome to New Members” party sponsored by the Osceola County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee at the LeRoy Public School on Friday was well attended by more than 200 Farm Bureau members.

The meeting was opened with the invocation given by the Rev. Kenneth Soderquist of Tustin. Mrs. Viola Shadley led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the entire group sang part of the Farm Bureau song, led by Mrs. Gladys Lindell with Violet Simonton at the piano.

The various Farm Bureau groups provided entertainment which was varied and amusing. First prize of $10.00 went to the Hersey Township group for a skit “The Old Photo Shop,” with Mr. and Mrs. Max Blanchard and Mr. and Mrs. Don Thiel as participants.

Second prize of $5.00 went to the South East Richmond group for a parody on the song “Old Black Joe” with Stuart Oehrli, John Morlock, Uriah Zimmerman, Wayne Johnson and Wava Schwam participants. 

Third prize of $3.00 went to the Rose Lake group for a vocal duet by Mrs. James Lindquist and Mrs. Wm. Olson, Jr.

Judges for the contest were: Miss Myrtle Shore of Evart, Earl Lickert of LeRoy and James Norman of the Osceola County Herald of Reed City.

Mrs. Helen Seelhoff, chairman of the Women’s Committee was introduced to the audience and spoke a few appropriate words. Wayne Johnson, County Farm Bureau President, was also introduced and spoke to the group. Rev. Marcel Elliott of Reed City closed the meeting with prayer.

A bountiful potluck was then enjoyed by all.

80 Years Ago

JULY 9, 1936

Business and Professional


-Jacob Bruggema, M.D. – Physician and surgeon. Phone at office, 47F2. Phone at residence, 47F3.

-Calvin Talhelm, Lawyer – Office over Fleming Shoe Store.


Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lamoreaux, of Barryton, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Nickel.

Mrs. J. B. Hamer and son, J. C., of Marion, spent Sunday with Mrs. L., A. Hamer and family.

Miss Birdsall Bettis, who spent the weekend with Evart friends, returned to her school work at Big Rapids, where she is a student at the Ferris Institute.


Editor in Chief – Melvin Church

Senior and Sports Reporter – Ershal Dage

Junior – Ruth Hines

Sophomore – Marian Trance

Freshman – Frances Adams

Eighth Grade – Helen Richardson

Seventh Grade – Bob Glen

Grade News – Cynthia Church

Adviser – Mr. Cox

100 Years Ago

JULY 7, 1916


Miss Susan Johnson entertained several of her little friends to mark the occasion of her seventh birthday anniversary on Saturday last at the home of her parents north of Reed City.

We hear that Samuel Perkins has taken unto himself a wife. Congratulations, Sam.

Miss Nydia Minchin was a Grand Rapids visitor this past week.

Mrs. Al Sandberg entertained her sister, Mrs. Noah Faist and Mrs. Will Curtis, both of Reed City on Thursday last.

Another new house is going up in LeRoy and two in Reed City. Our county continues to grow.

Sears – Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Pierson entertained their nephew and niece, Mr., and Mrs. Binkley, of Niagara Falls, from Friday until Wednesday. Mrs. Binkley was formerly Miss Iva Ogden.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Frank Carpenter and Jack Brunk were entertained at the Loudon home last Thursday at a six o’clock dinner.

120 Years Ago

JULY 10, 1896


Mrs. DuBois and daughter, of Newaygo, are visiting C. H. Rose’s family.

Miss Eva Stewart, who has been visiting Miss Cora Clarady, returned to her home in Port Huron Tuesday.

Sears – Wood is in good demand here: 16 in. worth 65 cents; two foot, 85 cents and four foot $1.40.

Sears – Mrs. S. C. Mansfield and Miss Marion Maples attended the concert at Evart Thursday evening.

Osceola Dist. 5 – Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Keith, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Perry and family and Mrs. G. W. Hicks were guests at the home of D. W. Parker on Sunday last.

The Reed City Clarion mentions a fire which consumed one business and the attempt to burn a residence. Owners of both places have been active in complaints against liquor law violators and the dastardly work is attributed to friends of the liquor men.

Frank Starkey, of Lucas, visited his brother Will last week.

140 Years Ago

JULY 7, 1876



The Philippine Islands, which the cable reports were visited by a destructive hurricane on the 30th of last month, have been repeatedly scourged by the elements.

The islands were struck by an earthquake in 1863, Manila, where the Americans on the island mostly live, was laid in ruins, and a thousand lives were lost.

Fire destroyed ten thousand of her huts in 1833, and many parts of the islands have suffered greatly from volcanic eruptions over the years.


chool Books and Stationery at Peter & Co’s.

Stores and Dwellings to let. Enquire of S. F. Dexter.

The “Rifle Team” Hat, a new style of Hat, at Cannon Bros.


A part of young people of this village will go to Hersey this evening to attend the Rosette Social given by the Good Templars of that place.