Back in Time

60 Years Ago

DECEMBER 30, 1954


Johnson Dist. 1

Pogy Farm Bureau met at the Pogy schoolhouse last Thursday evening.

Mrs. Edith Gray spent a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Gray and family near Paris.

Ruth Walters and Maybelle Preston attended the Birthday Club at the home of Leona Blanchard last Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith and Beverly called last Thursday evening at the Maro Hodges home.


Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Peel were Sunday visitors of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Allen and two children of Barryton.

Mrs. Mary Sharley, Mrs. Maud Wilkins, Mrs. Martin Robinson and daughter, Maxine, all of Evart, were callers last week of Mrs. Lloyd Brandal and Mrs. Elizabeth Booher.

Members and Rev. Sam Witt are making an outside entrance to the basement of the Crocker Wesleyan Methodist Church.


Sixteen members and one juvenile attended Chippewa Grange meeting last Friday evening.

After the business meeting a program was presented by members. Song by all: musical selection by Leanne Silberstein; recitation, “Is It Anybody’s Business” by Joe Clark; reading by Cleon Gaffney and a contest by Earl Comstock, Cleon Gaffney, Joe Clark, Charles Plumb and Don Comstock.

80 Years Ago

DECEMBER 27, 1934


Are You Over 40?

If so, nature is warning you of an annoying problem. Get rid of your trouble early. Make the 25 cent test. Get Juniper oil, Buchu leaves, etc. in a green tablet. Ask for BUKETS, the bladder laxative. Take 12 of them in four days: if not pleased go back and get your money.

BUKETS works on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. Flushes out excess acids and other impurities which cause getting up nights, frequent desire, scanty flow, burning, backache or leg pains. You are bound to feel better after this flushing and you get your regular sleep. Guaranteed by N. A. Weese, Druggist. –adv.

Sylvan No. 5

Mrs. Arthur Wymer and daughters, Marie and Iova, dined Friday at the home of John Martin.

Mrs. Clara Albertson visited Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Gaffney.

Mrs. Elgie Hickok visited at the home of Mrs. Frank Gaffney Sunday.


Mrs. Thomas Hoxey and Mrs. Francis Perry, of Elm Hall, were weekend visitors at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton McCarn.

Mr. and Mrs. Lew Doane, and family, visited at the E. J. Marlett home Sunday.

About 35 guests were present at a party at the home of Howard Courtright Saturday evening. Potluck lunch was served and a good time was had by all.

100 Years Ago

DECEMBER 25, 1914


Foot and Mouth Disease Being Stamped Out

Adrian – That the federal quarantine now in force over Michigan will last for at least two months was the statement here Saturday of President Halladay, of the State Livestock Sanitary Commission.

Mr. Halladay adds, however, that in case no new outbreaks occur, there is a strong possibility that the state quarantine may be lifted to allow shipments of cattle and produce within the boundaries of the state.

In discussing the quarantine placed over the Detroit stock yards, President Halladay stated that it was done simply to check any possibility of the spread of the disease in that city, because of the discovery that a shipment of diseased cattle had recently passed through the yards.

Nothing is being left undone to clear Lenawee County of the foot and mouth disease, which has already made necessary the shooting of over 500 cattle, the assessed valuation of which amounts to more than $15,000. In the last two months 500 animals have been shipped into Lenawee County from Chicago. Federal inspectors are now endeavoring to trace out each one of these to make sure that no symptoms of the disease exist.

Sixty herds are under regular inspection and more than 200 Lenawee farms are regularly visited by government men. As it is now past time for all exposed animals to show signs of infection, Commissioner Halladay, and the federal officials are fully convinced that they have the disease completely stamped out here.