Back in Time

50 Years Ago

DECEMBER 24, 1964


The total school enrollment in Osceola County Schools for the 1964-65 school year is 4170. There are 3878 enrolled in the five K-12 districts, 113 in six primary districts, and 179 in the two non-public schools.

Reed City has an audited enrollment of 1392; Evart, 1073; LeRoy, 377; Marion, 767; and Tustin, 269. The Morris School has 16; Bennett, 14; Holdenville, 31; Sears, 17; Sylvan, 20; and Hillcrest, 15. St. Philip Neri, Reed City, has enrolled 128 and Trinity Lutheran, Reed City, has 51.

The total school census taken during the last 20 days of May, 1964, totals 5762 children under 20 years of age. There were 1362 in the 0 to 4 year age group and 4400 in the 5 through 19 age group. In the 5 through 19 age group we find 1566 in Reed City, 1152 in Evart, 427 in LeRoy, 653 in Marion, 317 in Tustin and 285 in the rural schools.

The 1963-64 enrollment in public schools was 3928, showing the slow but steady increase that has been the trend for several years in the county as a whole.


Osceola County’s older 4-H youth organization, the B.O.G.’s, met at the Lincoln town hall.

A business meeting was held at which Sally Strand of Marion and Dave Blanchard of Tustin were elected as delegates to State 4-H Club Week. Discussion was held on moneymaking projects. The next meeting will be in LeRoy.

Recreation was in the form of a backwards party with refreshments served by the Reed City members.

70 Years Ago

DECEMBER 28, 1944


Prospects for the installation of a frozen food locker plant in Evart were given a boost Tuesday when the matter came up for discussion at the annual meeting of the Evart Co-Op Co. held in the Masonic Hall.

A committee was named to investigate the possibilities of such an undertaking by the Co-Ops, to visit plants in near-by towns, and to prepare a report which will be presented next Tuesday night at 7:30 at the high school to a joint group from the Co-Ops, the Evart Chamber of Commerce and the City Council.

Also present at the meeting on Wednesday were Mr. Blick, of Cadillac, who is installing a similar plant at Marion, and Mr. DeWillow, representative of the concern manufacturing the equipment.

Mr. Blick proposes to buy land, erect a building and install the plant if local patronage is assured. No local support, other than locker rentals would be asked and the plant would be in operation within a year.

Government regulations for obtaining the necessary priorities require that 60 percent of the original patrons be farmers. The Co-Op Company is well established locally and could meet this requirement with a minimum of difficulty. Chief problem would be raising the estimated $15,000 that the plant would cost.

Mr. Blick and Mr. DeWillow will be present at the meeting next Tuesday and a final decision is promised at that time.