Back in Time

40 Years Ago

DECEMBER 19, 1974


Reed City – things may be a bit more comfortable around Reed City’s City Hall this winter but city officials expect a little discomfort from municipal employees as a result of Monday night’s council meeting.

The city council, in a two-hour session Monday night, approved spending up to $4,500 to revamp the heating system in the municipal building but tabled for one month consideration of a requested $30-a-month cost of living increase for city employees.

Westerburg joked that when the building was the Reed City Hospital, “Patients used to come in for an appendectomy and leave with pneumonia.”

He indicated that last winter the temperature variation between rooms in the building was ‘extremely wide,” with many room occupants – city employees and private renters – using electric heaters to warm things up and others opening windows to cool off.

Earlier in the evening, prior to the council’s formal meeting, council members had met with Westerburg and city department heads to discuss a requested cost-of-living raise for city employees. The council, however, indicated it needed more time to study the figures presented to it and decided to delay action on the suggestion until its next session.

“It took longer than we thought to compile the data,” Westerburg explained, “and I don’t blame the council for wanting to analyze the thing further before taking action.”

60 Years Ago

DECEMBER 16, 1954


Sparks Corners

Mr. and Mrs. Will Kershner, of Big Rapids, called on Reva and Aubrey Stephen Sunday at the K. Tucker home.

The Kenneth Tucker family spent from Friday til Monday visiting the R. Tucker family of Flint.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Schutt and daughter of Mount Pleasant, spent Sunday with their parents, the Duncan Carmichael family.

The Reuben Argue family left Thursday for their home in Arizona after visiting three weeks at the C. Sparks home and visiting other friends in the area. The Argues were supper guests of the Fred Elton family Thursday. Larry E., Calvin and Alvin attended the show that night.

Mrs. Lester Place and daughter, Bruce and Dick and wife of Lowell, visited Lucille’s sister, Maggie Hinkley Sunday. Other visitors were Mable and Leonard Sparks, who spent the week end at their farm.

80 Years Ago

DECEMBER 20, 1934


The Child Health Association of Osceola County will not meet this month. The next meeting will be in January at the home of Mrs. J. J. Rainey in Tustin. Mrs. Norling will give an address on social service work.

Middle Branch

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Edd Anderson were in Lansing this week attending the horse sale.

The Jolly Workers were entertained at the home of Mrs. Warren Omey this week, with a good attendance. Jello, cakes and tea were served. The next meeting will be at the home of Lyda Joslin.


Mrs. Mary Burk and Mrs. Rose Black, of Munger, and Earl Black, of Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Seeley and daughter and Mrs. William Cockerton, of Evart, and Alex Echlin, of Flint, spent Saturday at the home of Mrs. Iva Echlin.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Redner, of Big Rapids, called on Miss Margaret Haist Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Art Jenne returned home Friday after visiting their son, Lee B. Jenne, at Dearborn.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon St. John were in Barryton Saturday.

100 Years Ago

DECEMBER 18, 1914


A 12 pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Johnson, of Reed City, Tuesday.

Mrs. Anson Williams visited her daughter, Mrs. Roe McCrimmons, at Marion, Monday.

Mrs. Harry Parmlee and Mrs. Robert Jack visited Mrs. Edwin McHaughton Monday afternoon.

Mrs. D. W. Ross and son, Hugh, of Port Huron, were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. William Fleming and other relatives from Saturday until Monday.

The Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church will meet with Mrs. C. H. Rose Tuesday, at 2:30 p.m. Everybody welcome.

The Evangelical Ladies Aid will meet Wednesday at 11 o’clock with Mrs. Eliza Becker. A cordial welcome to all.

Mrs. Robert Joselyn called on Mrs. Robert Jack Monday forenoon.

120 Years Ago

DECEMBER 21, 1894


Dr. Barry, the father of the new town of Barryton, was in the city Tuesday.

W. H. Richardson, of Grand Rapids, is in town looking after his Strawberry Lake property. He intends to improve his possessions around the lake as soon as his father’s estate is settled.

Frank Mille, so long a clerk at the Evart House, will take a lay off. Will Robinson, of Reed City, will fill the place.

Tour Township – It is reported that J. A. Lunney has purchased seven forties on section 13, the last tract of railroad land in our township.

Waffle and Co. shipped 650 dozen wooden bowls in one shipment this week.

Mrs. H. D. Turner, son Will and little daughter, Florence, have left for Tampa, Florida. Miss Lulu Turner is spending the winter in Ludington.

140 Years Ago

DECEMBER 19, 1874


Mr. Heartt’s hardware store at Hersey was burglarized on Monday night and $100 worth of revolvers and knives taken.

Miss Emma A. Obenauer, who is well known to many of our citizens, was married Thursday, to Mr. Jas. W. Totham, of Bridgeport.

The Muskegon News and Reporter says about three hundred and fifty million feet of logs are contracted for on the Muskegon River and tributaries the coming winter.

While at work on the new house of Kellogg & Jackson, Geo. Adams had the misfortune to inflict a bad wound on his left hand.

Reed City – Rev. E. W. Miller, of Hersey, killed and brought in a deer and partridge, while on his way to prayer meeting in this place, Thursday evening last.

The Christmas services will be conducted at Hugh’s Hall by the Rev. A. S. Badger, at 10 o’clock.

Robt. Shaw, formerly station agent at this place, has let to Mr. Wellington Postal, the job of building a residence on the south side of the railroad. Upright, two stories 18 x 26, wing 14 x 22.

A petition has been circulated during the past week and signed by about fifty tax payers and property holders to be presented to the Village Board praying that body to purchase a bell to be used for fire alarm, church purposes and to denote the working hours. The bell will cost about four hundred dollars and is to be placed in a tower in a convenient place near the center of the village.

The school house in District No. 1, Richmond, is finished and looks creditable to No. 1.