Back in Time

50 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 27, 1964


A cut of $611.03 in the budget for the Health Department was restored Monday when Dr. Brenner told the Supervisors that the original sum requested had been based on a per capita share for the county. The Board had previously reduced the appropriation to the round figure.

The Supervisors, meeting Monday, also opened bids for toilet facilities at Rose Lake and Crittenden parks, with the Crittenden job going to Chas. Kelley on a bid of $7,400. No other bids were received on that job. The Rose Lake job went to Swanson Bros. at $5,727.22. the lowest of two bids. The buildings are to be identical.

The Board also received an unfavorable report from the Building Committee on the purchase of the former Reed City Bank building and is now considering taking an option on the Crane residence just south of the court house.

Arthur Lempke was named temporary chairman to act in the absence of Chairman Howard Reber, of Marion, who expects to spend the winter in Florida, and the Board moved to refer approval of the civil and criminal until the next meeting, giving the Clerk authority to pay unquestioned claims in the meantime.

The sheriff’s department asked for and received an appropriation of $200 to purchase a double bunk and used typewriter for the jail and the Addressograph Committee was authorized to hire another operator for the recently purchased equipment.

70 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 30, 1944


A survey of the polio situation in this county shows one new case, which sadly ended in death.

This year there has been a total of three cases reported in Osceola County. The first case occurred in July but diagnosis was not made for more than a month due to indefinite symptoms. The second case, the last of August, was transported outside the county. No case was a known contact of any other.

Some advice is given by the Health Dept.

Use only clean milk and water. Avoid the common drinking cup. Avoid tonsil and throat operations during the epidemic season. Avoid strenuous exercise. Do not get over tired.

Don’t become hysterical if cases do occur in your community. Don’t spread rumors. It is the studied opinion of your State and local health department that the closing of schools will in no way influence the spread of poliomyelitis, commonly known as infantile paralysis.

The PI Box

Looked in at Harry Hooker’s on Saturday night and he had quite a bunch of hunters there, yarning to them and probably trying to keep them handy in case of another search for a missing hunter.

Only ‘lost’ case this week is the buck that has been playing tag with yours truly. That animal has hoofs the size of a Holstein bull and must be plenty smart to have lived so long.

B. E. Cooley, who left his wife in charge while he headed north to hunt deer, has moved further north to hunt a few more days, or according to Mrs. Cooley, to try to head off the bear that started north and kept right on going after he had shot it.

90 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 28, 1924


In a hunting trip last Wednesday, James Maddern captured a rabbit which had a fish hook and part of a line in its mouth. The boys are wondering what kind of gun Jim carries which not only fills the game with lead but fish hooks, too.

Miss Virginia Coster entertained ten girl friends at a party Friday from four til eight. Games filled the time until six o’clock when a delicious supper was served.

Lloyd Niergarth, of Lansing, and Miss Louise Stegman, of Allegan, were over Sunday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Niergarth.

Altha Lena Farrar entertained a number of little girls last Thursday from ten a.m. until 3 p.m. Wieners were roasted over a bonfire, then taken inside where baked potatoes, rolls and fried cakes were also served.

Robert Oren left Tuesday for the western coast on business for the American Logging Tool Co. He expects to be gone at least a month.

While autoing to Manistee to attend a Teacher’s meeting last Thursday, the Ford sedan driven by Fordyce J. Bragg overturned while going around a corner and he received a broken left arm, both bones being fractured. Mr. and Mrs. Smiley and Miss Leona Elton who were with him were not injured.

Mrs. Lulu Knapp left Monday for Alpena to attend the state assembly as a delegate from Jennings Rebekah lodge.

H. S. Richardson, Robert Casler and Roy Moody left Thursday noon for Grand Rapids in the interests of the Rod and Gun Club.

110 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 18, 1904

Opera House Items


Friday Evening

Bill for the Evening:

One Bushel of Good Potatoes or 50 cents in cash.

(Potatoes to be delivered at Ticket Office)

Ladies Free to all parts of House.


The Missionary Union will meet with Miss Cannon on Friday, at 2:30 p.m. the topic will be “Facts concerning Russia, Korea and Japan.” A cordial invitation is given to all. Please bring in the dime cards for the Beulah Home. It is important that these be sent forward at once. Mrs. Perkins, Sec’y.

Northeast Hartwick

Guy Sischo has the job of digging a drain at the school house well, and it seems as though we needed a few articles inside in the shape of chairs, curtains, etc. Our commissioner says we have the barest looking school in the county. Let us try to change his mind and all attend the social which is talked of being held in the near future.

Joseph Sawyer and family now drink water from a new 128 foot well. L. D. Shore drove it for him last week.


Ora Huff came home from St. Louis Monday, where he attended the World’s Fair.

James McNeilly started for Ionia last week to work for Charlie Gilmore, formerly of this place.

Barney Griswold, of Concord, is visiting his brother, Myron, and family this week.

130 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 28, 1884


At the rink last Friday night prizes for the most artistic lady skaters were awarded. 1st to Miss Susie Turner, 2nd divided between Mrs. Will Chase and Miss Maude Southworth.

F. A. True passed Thanksgiving with friends in Detroit.

Attorneys Trumbull and Rose have been courting this week.

The Common Council disbursed $632.28 at its meeting on Monday night last.

A few sleighs and cutters were brought out Tuesday for the first time this year.

Miss Carrie Vinecke started yesterday for a few months sojourn with relatives in Buffalo, N. Y.

At present, our leading sport attraction is the roller rink. In connection with the amusements a polo club consisting of some of our best skaters has been formed. William Chase, Dean Jeffs, Will Allen, Blank Quigley, Matt Carlisle, Czar Dexter, Jim Selby and others. Polo on skates was first introduced in this country by Professor Kynock, at the Brooklyn rink.

F. S. Postal has purchased the old Waffle building, corner of Sixth and Pine, of J. J. Williams and is refitting the lower part into rooms for a dwelling.

Fred True, the eccentric jeweler has just finished a unique pen holder for Miss Susie Turner. It is made of a California porcupine quill and is very nice and attractive.