Back in Time


Osceola Man is Candidate – Elden B. Crawford, 41 year old local dairy farmer, announces his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the new 99th Representative District. This district is comprised of Newaygo, Mecosta, Osceola and Clare counties.

A life-long resident of the Evart area, Mr. Crawford is a graduate of Evart High School, and a veteran of World War II. He served two years in the European theater, attached to a Military Intelligence section of the Signal Corps.

Book Gifts Honor Late AAUW Member – Memorial books given in honor of Mrs. Roy (Ada) Porter by members of the Evart branch of the American Association of University Women include “Helping Your Child Improve His Reading” by Ruth Strang; “Yertel the Turtle” and “The Cat in the Hat Came Back, “ both by Dr. Seuss.

Coming Events

-Wesleyites will meet at Swem’s cottage at Blue Lake, at 3 p.m., Sunday, for a family picnic. Bring grills.

-Rummage Sale at the Osceola Hall. Also a feather bed and gas range, sponsored by the Brooks Corners W.S.C.S.


C of C asks Stores to Close

When News of Victory Arrives

Preliminary steps were taken at Monday’s C. of C. meeting to organize an observance of V-Day in Evart, immediately the news of Germany’s collapse is flashed to the world.

The plan adopted by merchants’ organizations throughout Michigan was outlined and the merchants’ committee instructed to get in touch with all Evart stores in order that a uniform procedure will be followed. As outlined, in case the news is received in the forenoon, stores will close at noon; in the afternoon, stores will close as quickly as they can be cleared and will remain closed the following day, with the same true in case the news comes at night.

Suggestions for a parade with floats were discounted due to the short notice that will precede the celebration it was pointed out that the impromptu celebration that followed receipt of the news on November 11, 1918 bettered any planned festivities.

Possibility of a joint church service on the Sunday following V-Day was discussed and referred to the ministers of the town.

The PI Box

If Rev. Belknap had to choose between a week on a German raider and a week chaperoning a bunch of boys at the Albright Assembly – and he has experienced both – it wouldn’t be too surprising if he picked the raider.

The other night, over at the camp near Hersey, he crawled into a bed full of thistles and on the following night the prankish boys had supplied a couple of crabs, complete with pincers, for his bedfellows.


Miss Winona Ward and a party of friends motored up from Flint to spend Sunday at the John Ward home.

Miss Reo DuVall of McBain was a Saturday evening caller at the B. A. Seelye home.

Sybella Brackett, of Evart, is spending a delightful vacation as the guest of Crystal Slater.

Orval Seelye was home from Comins over Sunday and reports the pickle crop was a good one this year even though the season was later than usual.


“What the future holds for the wage earner and the wage earner’s family is of vital interest to the women of this country,” Mrs. Alvin Hart, vice chairman of the Republican National Committee, stated in a recent interview, “Therefore, the promises of the political parties on the subject of labor are of great importance and what Mr. Coolidge says sounds very good.”

“To the Republican party goes the credit of being the leader in the campaign for national legislation to protect the children,” she continues, “The average woman of today is a worker. She either works to support herself and those dependent upon her or she works to make the family income buy as many comforts for her family as possible. The election of President Coolidge and Mr. Dawes, supported by a Republican Congress, will mean continued prosperity for the average home.”


Rev. Mr. Niles moved his household goods from the Baptist parsonage to Mrs. Seeley’s house, corner Third and Pine streets, on Wednesday.

Geo. V. Seeley, of Mississippi, is home to spend the month with his mother, Mrs. Elsie E. Seeley. He found her health much better than during the earlier part of the summer.

Miss Elvie Collins, teacher in Dist. No. 3, Osceola, went with her pupils Friday to the creek, near the school, explaining to them the natural features. She always finds an interesting and instructive way to teach each lesson. Miss Collins has been with us the past school year and has proved herself to be a competent and painstaking teacher. After two weeks more she will close a very successful summer term of school.


Distinguished Arrivals. We refer to the arrival of our smart fall suits. They are here, just landed, and we want you to see them. The more particular you are about your clothes, the more you will enjoy looking at these masterpieces of the Tailor’s Art. Every detail in the making and trimming shows plainly the excellence of our fall suits.

Our prices will at once convince you that we are a fair house to do business with. We begin at $5.00 and give lots of chances for suit satisfaction before we quit at $20.00.

Going Away? If so, see that your trunk contains a good stock of travel items. You’ll need Outing Shirts, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Underwear, and Fancy Hosiery. All the fixings a gentleman needs and a good assortment at prices he will not think of finding fault. Step in before you leave. –adv.


Several loads of town people have gone up to Reuffer’s farm today to see the new Champion twine binder operate.

The management of the rink awarded medals for superior skill on roller skates last Friday night. Luke Hooker and Sane Ford competed, the former scoring a victory. Luke now wears the championship medal.

Four of our ladies journeyed to Reed City on Tuesday last to see the new building going up; they say a finer village have they rarely seen than that of Reed City, it being clean, neat and orderly in all things.

A gentleman named Sherk, from Greenville, will open the Novelty Steam Mills for operation in a few days. He has already moved his family here.

Professor Smith and others arrived Saturday and school is in full blast again.

Marion – Mr. E. F. Chapin and Miss Dora Chapin, of South Riley, have been making an extended visit to their sister, Mrs. Lon Richardson. They started for home yesterday.

Mrs. R. J. Ponsford is visiting at Flint, Miss Phena Moye at Lowell, Mrs. S. E. Martin at Greenville and Mrs. J. M. Wilkinson at Port Huron.

R. C. Luce, of the Seely farm – a boy this week.

On dit: An excursion up the river to Houghton Lake in the new steamer.