Back in Time

50 Years Ago

AUGUST 7, 1964


Hicks Gets Paving Jobs – The Hicks Co., of Alma was the only bidder on one job and the lowest of three bidders on another paving job on construction in Osceola County.

Roads to be paved are the U.S. 10 business route in Reed City and M-66 north of Marion.

Fire Come Fast – Firemen have a superstition that “fires come in threes,” and recently they have been approaching the three in a day mark around Evart – and some of them blamed on freak origins.

After a one-day respite last Wednesday (it rained a little) the firemen answered two calls on Thursday, first to the Oade residence west of town where a grass fire started and threatened the barn; and Thursday evening at the Kurts residence on M-66, when the family smelled smoke and turned in an alarm.

Early Friday afternoon, the trucks made a run to the cabin owned by Marvin Higgins, near the “Old Dam Farm” on the river west of town. Another call Friday night took the firemen to M-66 at the Muskegon River where a car had caught fire.

Two more grass fires Saturday, both in town and both unexplained, made it no holiday for the fire fighters.

70 Years Ago

AUGUST 3, 1944


Hilton Robert Gartz, 14, was instantly killed when struck by lightning while cultivating in a field on his father’s farm in LeRoy Township. No further details were available at press time.


Evart schools will reopen for the 1944-45 school year on Monday, August 28, Supt. S. J. Martin stated this week.

Opening in August rather than on the Monday following Labor Day has been the practice during the past year or so to permit a longer potato vacation during the war and accompanying manpower shortage.


All service men overseas may make application through their respective officers to vote at the general fall election next November, according to Mrs. Ruth Noreen, Osceola County Clerk. Officers are in receipt of the proper application cards which, when filled out and signed, are returned to the Secretary of State’s office and then sent on to the respective county clerks.

Michigan’s legislature adopted special legislation which permits service men to vote the regular fall ballots – the same ballot that is to be voted by civilians November 7. These ballots will be mailed to the service men by the county, township or city clerk in time to have them returned and counted at the election, Mrs. Noreen reports.

90 Years Ago

AUGUST 1, 1924


Miss Helen Brooks left Monday for Kalamazoo for a two weeks visit with relatives.

J. W. Davis and family have moved back to their own home of Pine Street.

Mrs. Charles Smith entertained three tables at bridge, Monday afternoon.

Walter Allison made a business trip to Reed City, Thursday morning.

Liner Ads

For Sale – Young Pigs. Phone 210-F2, Stein Bros.

For Sale – a Tapestry Brussel rug, 7 ½ x 9 feet, nearly new, $18. Winnie Eldredge.

Mike’s Place – They all know that Mike’s Place is the only fancy place for delicious sodas, candies and good things to eat. Special, Banana Split, 15 cents. Cones, 6 for 25 cents.

Norm’s Drug Store – Our $1 Beef, Iron and Wine, now 79 cents. $2 Hot Water Bottle, now $1. Only a few of these on sale so hurry.

Evart Lumber Yard – Re-build your chimney NOW! You will soon need a good SAFE chimney. We have a good stock of common and face brick and all sizes of flue lining.

G. W. Corey Co. Furniture and Undertaking – Varnish, 1 pint size, 90 cent value only 70 cents. C. W. Rug Cleaner, $1.50 value sells at $1.25. 9 x 12 Congoleum Rug just $16. Barrel Shape Tumblers at $1 a dozen. Also other good bargains.

110 Years Ago

AUGUST 4, 1904


Personal and Social

A business meeting of the Ladies Aid, of the M. E. Church, will be held at the home of Mrs. W. F. Agard next Wednesday at 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon.

The Entre Nous Club’s next assembly will be a masquerade, and will be held about the middle of next month.

Bruce’s Drug Store, Cor. Lacy Block – We have a full line of Humphrey’s Veterinary Specifics for the cure of diseases of horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, hogs, and poultry.

Used by prominent stock owners throughout the country. Diseases described and the specific named for the treatment thereof. Call and get a book free. –adv.

Birdsall Hardware Co. – We are the Up-to-Date Hardware. Are you thinking about painting? If so, we are prepared to talk right from the shoulder.

Our paint – the celebrated B.P.S. is known the world over and backed by a guarantee, sold on the merits of the maker. Beautify your home. It not only means a saving on your building, but has a great effect on the value.

Get our prices - Experience has taught you to get the best. Our paint department is like a Bank Book. It saves you money at every turn.

Now is the time to buy – We have everything to farm the farm – Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes, Planters, Etc. Big Crops depend on good farm tools. “Not how cheap, but how good.” We Sell Them. –adv.

130 Years Ago

AUGUST 1, 1884


Huckleberries are bringing a whopping $3.00 per bushel.

The attention of Township Boards, and other interested is called to the article we publish today respecting the taking of the next State census. The article is in delineation of the work and the method of performing it, and is authentic.

The Aleghanians, vocalists and bell ringers, are headed toward our county.

Reed City celebrated Decoration Day for the first time this year and the town seems to have not stopped celebrating since that important day.

Miss A. McCaru left for her home in Shiawassee County yesterday.

C. O. Trumbull and family went to Kent County on Wednesday, to attend the wedding of Mr. C’s sister, Cassie, well known to local people.

The game of marbles is the attraction for boys, and indicative of not enough work for them to do.

Activity has been noticed at the Cox mill on Long Lake. The mill has been shut down for a couple of months and the purpose of the activity has not been reported.

Miss Cleata Alston, who comes from Detroit, has become the wife of Mr. Albert Johnson who is well known to all, they having corresponded for nearly a year before she traveled north to exchange vows. They have begun housekeeping on Mr. Johnson’s farmstead in the northern part of the county.