Back in Time

50 Years Ago

JULY 24, 1964


Evidence of breaking and entering two homes on the Muskegon River in Sylvan Township was discovered by State Police Sunday while on routine patrol.

The troopers found doors on the homes belonging to Mrs. Marjorie Achard and by Mrs. Florence Dumond open and notified the owners to check for missing property.


Subcommittees of the Citizens School Study Committee turned in preliminary reports at the meeting Tuesday night without any specific recommendations as to the number of students to plan for, the type and size of building needed, or the eventual size of the district.

Three of the six remaining un-annexed districts held board meetings but decided not to call for a vote on annexing at the present time. Two of the districts indicated they would call for such a vote when the Evart district had made definite progress toward providing the needed facility.

The Citizens committee had asked for a decision on whether or not to call for a vote to aid in its planning.

Accepting the implied promise to annex when the facility is ready, the Committee voted to recommend to the school board that a terminal date for further annexation be set at one year after Evart district voters approve a building project.

70 Years Ago

JULY 20, 1944


Evart’s retail stores will close every Thursday at noon, beginning next Thursday, according to Cecil Lauman, Chamber of Commerce president who stated that 100 percent compliance was assured Wednesday when the last two stores signed. Also included in the agreement was a closing hour of 10:30 or earlier to be observed on Saturday nights.

The announcement ends several weeks’ work for the C. of C. Merchants Committee which undertook to canvas the sentiment of the merchants regarding this half holiday. Neighboring towns have been following the plan with general satisfaction for several years.

Evart stores included in the agreement are: Davy & Co., dry goods and grocery stores, Seath’s Grocery, Northland Gas Co., Bregenzer Hardware, Harrington Second Hand Store, Moyer Variety Store, Tranes Grocery, Harry Hooker Radio Shop, Judson Roe, Margaret Taylor, Walter Allison, Turner Barber Shop, Lee Gale, Frank Smith Sales, Gamble Store, A & P Co., Deacey Grocery and Meat Market, Bill’s Dime Store, Argue Barber Shop, and Fleming Shoe Co.

90 Years Ago

JULY 22, 1924


Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lynde, who have been living in Barberton, Ohio, came Wednesday to visit their parents, Mr. and Mr. Chadwick and Mrs. H. Wise. They are moving to Lansing and Mr. Lynde will spend a short time here before going.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wordon, who have spent recent months in Detroit, came home Wednesday.

Miss Helen Carson and Michael Lancaster, of Lincoln Township, were married Sunday. Mrs. Lancaster came back from Chicago on Saturday because her mother had fallen ill.


Miss Cora Allen left Wednesday morning for Hastings where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Ned Waterman.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Worden were Sunday guests of several of their friends in Reed City.

Fleming Shoe Co. have placed on sale this week another large quantity of Women’s Dress Shoes at 29 cents per pair. –adv.

The Newcomers Dinner Club was entertained by Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Preston last Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Smith entertained the members of the village council at their home Friday evening.

Mrs. Stephen Harley was called to Saginaw Wednesday by the illness of her son, David.

Mrs. Thomas J. Coster was hostess at a six o’clock dinner Monday evening for a few ladies.

Mrs. Wilbur Platte has been confined to her home for the past two weeks on account of an injured foot.