Back in Time

50 Years Ago

JULY 5, 1964


Library News – Mrs. John Orr, publicity committee member, Mrs. C. Clark, County Library representative and Mrs. C. L. Rose, Library Board representative, were hosts for the regular monthly meeting of the Mid-Michigan Library League at the Rose Cottage at Big Lake on Saturday.

There were representatives from Manistee, Mason, Missaukee, Mecosta, Newaygo, Lake and Wexford counties, and guests from the Marion Library Board.


Mrs. Violet Crozier was a Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Crozier of Marion.

Mrs. Warren Mauck and children, of Saginaw, were Saturday luncheon guests of her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young.

Mrs. Frank Christian, of Flint, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kline, of Rockford, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gorthy. Sharon and Janet Gorthy were dinner guests on Sunday, also.

Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Livermore and family and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waite attended the wedding of a niece in Mount Pleasant.

We are glad to report Don Comstock came home from the hospital Wednesday and is doing well after losing his hand in a farming accident. While in the hospital, Mr. Frank DeSlover of LaSalle called on him. They were Army buddies and had not met for a number of years.

70 Years Ago

JULY 6, 1944


Thirty men left here by the afternoon train Monday to enter the armed forces in response to a call on the local Selective Service Board for 41 men. They were sent to the processing center at Detroit.

Included in the group were:

Reed City – Robert Utterback, Francis Leusby.

LeRoy – Ray Anderson, Ward Swanson, David Noreen, Paul Ruppert, Leonard Carter.

Tustin – Horace Hosmer, Francis Flint.

Marion – Gerald Mitchell, Harry Isanhart, Glen Gould, William Coffey, Englebart Maas, Jr., Robert VanDeCreek.

Sears – Donald Pattee, Harold Davis, Lyell Thomas, Stuart Rosser, Chester Egloff.

Evart – John Keene, Harry Keeley, William Oren, Arthur VanScoyoc, George Belleville, Ivan F. Buss, Benjamin Moore, George Hubbard, Delbert Robinson and Calvin Pritchard.


Oil and gas drilling activity in the Evart area has spurted recently after being in the doldrums for several months.

Sun is drilling on the James Boyd farm near Upper Big Stone Lake and has been issued a permit to drill the John W. Segraves No. 1 in Section 11, Hersey Township.

National Utilities Co., of Coldwater will drill the Vernal Davy No. 1 in Section 36, Evart Township, with Gordon Oil Co. contractor.

Gas drilling in the area has also taken on new life with one well drilling and four new permits issued for Osceola Township. They are: State-Stipek No. 5 in Section 19; Stipek W. Evart No. 6 and Beall-W. Evart No. 7 in Section 30; and Beal-Pierson No. 8 in Section 29. All the Osceola Township permits were issued to Taggart Bros.

90 Years Ago

JULY 8, 1924


Miss Geneva Button, who is employed at Detroit, came last Thursday to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Button and family.

Rev. W. E. Orton’s subjects for Sunday will be in the morning, “Radio and its Revelations,” and in the evening, a study of Ephesians first chapter.

Mrs. William B. Turner and daughter, Donna Bess left this morning for Flint to spend the week with Mr. and Mrs. William H. Turner.

Violet Hoverter left Wednesday for her home in Detroit, after visiting her father, Dr. J. W. Hoverter, for the past week.


C. H. Watson, of Grand Rapids came Wednesday for a few days visit with his brother, James and other relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Merkel had decided to move west and have removed to the village of Reed City.


On Tuesday next, commencing at 10 o’clock a.m., Joseph Alexander will sell on the premises three miles south and half a mile east of Evart, his horses, cattle, hogs and chickens, farm implements, household goods, hay and grain.

Lunch at noon and horses to hay. O. H. Armstrong, auctioneer; George Disbrow, clerk.

110 Years Ago

JULY 7, 1904


Mr. Postal’s family have removed to their summer home at Spring Hill farm a week since.

The W.F.M.S. will meet with Mrs. Will Davis on Tuesday next at the usual hour.

W. A. Link, of Saginaw, is now baggage master and warehouseman at the depot.

Birdsall Hardware Co. – The Up To Date Hardware - Perhaps you’re from Missouri? Well, call and let us show you the 1900 Washer! Ball Bearing – Rotary Motion. Built like a wash tub, and, therefore, will not warp and leak. All metal parts are of galvanized iron and nothing but wood touches the clothes while being washed, hence, your clothes will be free from rust spots.

No gearing on top of machine to collect oil and soil the clothes. No thin metal castings to break. No backache from turning wheels. Your wringer fastens directly over the washer, on a frame which will not allow the wringer to tip, but holds it firm.

In the 1900 Washer, the clothes receive the same treatment as on the tiresome wash-board, without the aching back and tired arms of the woman at the wash-board. If we have the same action, we must have the same result – CLEAN CLOTHES.

The result sought after by the manufacturers of all washing machines and the result attained in the 1900 Washer.

Our motto: “Not how cheap, but how GOOD goods we can give you.” –adv.

130 Years Ago

JULY 11, 1884


At a meeting of the W.C.T.U. the healing of the Nation, which fruit was as follows: On the top was a dove signifying peace, under which was the banner of the W.C.T.U., a moon in its quarter representing prohibition, a horse shoe representing success, golden stars for the National officers, silver starts for the State officers, and beautiful cards for the District presidents.

At the close of the convention each officer took her emblem. During the convention a motion was made and carried that the dove of peace be preserved until the convention of the next decade. The next on decoration was a large cross trimmed with evergreens and white ribbons. The house plants and bouquets were also very nice.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lattimore were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Lattimore. The men spent Saturday fishing and brought home a goodly supper.

Little Esther Nelson is now on the well list. She had been suffering from a breathing disorder that stumped everyone, including doctors. The problem appears to have righted itself. Time will tell.

Harmon Adams was home for a few days visiting his family and friends and has now gone back to his employment in Grand Rapids.