Back in Time

50 Years Ago

JUNE 26, 1964


Two escaped prisoners from a prison farm in Ohio threatened Al Kadwell with a co2 pellet gun after calling him out on a wrecker call, but were cowed when Kadwell drew his own pistol, then went to the Evart Hotel, where they pulled the gun on Mrs. Wanda Toth, took the keys to her car and a change purse containing about $6.00.

After securing the money and car keys, they ripped the receiver from the fire department phone in the hotel and advised her “not to even look out the window” before making off. Mrs. Toth used the other phone to call State Police, who contacted Deputy Walters by radio and set up the road block that caught the men near Houghton Lake.


Super Right Thick Sliced Bacon, 2 lb. pkg for 89 cents.

Super Right shank portion Smoked Hams, 39 cents per lb.

Size 88 California Navel Oranges, 69 cents per dozen.

A & P Tomato Juice, 2 -1qt, 14 oz. cans for 49 cents.

Marvel Ice Cream, ½ gallons, 59 cents.

A & P Grapefruit Sections in Heavy Syrup, 3- 1 lb. cans for 79 cents.

Jane Parker Potato Chips, 1 lb. bag for 49 cents.

Jello Gelatin, assorted flavors, 4- 3 oz. pkgs. For 43 cents.

Nestle’s Chocolate Quik, 2 lb., 6 oz. container for 99 cents.

Spry Shortening, 3 lb. can for 74 cents.

Ballard or Pillsbury Biscuits, 8 oz. pkg. just 10 cents.

White Cloud Toilet Tissue, 2 roll pkg. just 27 cents.

Charmin Toilet Tissue, four roll pkg. for 37 cents.

70 Years Ago

JUNE 28, 1944


Vern McKinstry has been promoted to Private First Class and transferred from Camp Roberts to Camp Butner.

John Dage has been transferred from India to China.

Homer L. Jenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Jensen, is receiving his initial naval indoctrination at Great Lakes.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bieri have received two letters, their first in seven months, from their son, Pfc Alex Bieri. He was on the Anzio Beachhead and wrote that he had seen Mt. Vesuvius in eruption. Pfc. Bieri, who drives a ration truck, was at the rest camp when he wrote.


The recent sudden death of Fred Fleming started us thinking and counting up the Evart business men who have passed away during the ten years that have passed since the “Smith Boys” came to town in the winter of 1933-34. It’s an impressive list and a number of firms have been affected.

First there was Mr. Percival, and a short time later, Fred B. Smith. The list goes on to include Lawrence Peel, Alex Ballantyne, William Latta, Joe Barnes, Truey Andrus, James Roxburgh, Norman Weess, Sam Shore, Harry Tranes, Dr., Conover, William F. Umphrey, Mrs. Carey and during the past few months, Robert Bregenzer, Charles Smith and Now Fred Fleming.

90 Years Ago

JUNE 24, 1924


For Sale – With small payment down, my 120 acres of land in Osceola County, five miles northeast of Sears, or will trade for city property. Address Roy Wise, 1108 Sherman Street, Ypsilanti.

For Sale – Registered Holstein Bull. George Budd, Sears.


The subject for next Sunday morning will be “The Mercy of God.”

Has God been merciful to you? If so, what are you doing to repay Him? Mercy is that tender quality in God’s nature which leads Him to seek the highest good of those who oppose His will.

It is kindness exercised toward those who, through their rebellion against God, have rendered themselves unworthy.


In the last issue of The Review it was stated that the high school was planning to put on a Carnival this summer, for the purpose of helping along the two great necessities of this community. Or in other words to raise money for the Lyceum Course and for Athletics.

A council meeting was called Friday afternoon to discuss a large number of the many events which you will do when you come to the Carnival.

A few of the events under consideration are fortune tellers, picture shows, menagerie, fish pond, beauty parlor, tea room, grab bag, dancers, police, hot dog stand, and candy stand.

Watch for a more complete list of events in future issues of The Review as plans for the Carnival continue to advance.

110 Years Ago

JUNE 23, 1904


Wanted, Lost, Found, and similar notices printed in this column for Five Cents a line, Cash In Advance. No add. of less than two lines.

Lost – Thursday or Friday of last week, a small pocket book, containing cash and lecture tickets. Leave at this office.

Wanted – A woman or girl to do general housework by the day or week, and who can go home nights. Mrs. Geo. W. Minchin.

For Sale – My farm of 160 acres in Osceola Township. Mrs. Eliza Becker, Evart, Mich.

Scrap Iron Wanted – Will pay cash for 1,000 tons of scrap iron, in large or small lots. C. E. West, Evart Machine Shop.


Mrs. Verge Richardson is quite sick.

Eva Huddle spent Sunday in Evart, the guest of her sister, Edna.

Russell Sullivan and family are entertaining friends from the north.

Russell Kurtz returned home Wednesday, after a few months’ sojourn in Petoskey.

May Sullivan, who has been confined to her home by La grippe, is able to be out again.