Back in Time

40 Years Ago

JUNE 6, 1974


The Brooks Livewires 4-H Club will be holding their monthly meeting at the home of Spike Feikema, Monday at 7:30 p.m. Let’s all be there!


Mr. and Mrs. George Rosebrugh called on Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Smith one day last week. On Sunday, the George Rosebrughs, Eva and Alan, and Bill Jones spent the day with Mrs. Mildred Terry at Barryton.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick McCall held a card party at their home Saturday evening. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ron Woycehoski, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Graber and Mr. and Mrs. Willy Finney.

Mrs. Clara Cass spent Sunday with her son, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cass and family.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Truax left Friday to spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Klainer and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Robson and family. They expect to return Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ruge and family visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ruge, Sunday afternoon.


Every so often there comes a huge legislative flap about whether lawmakers should have offices in their home districts – paid for by the state.

At least three members of the House of Representatives are going their own way with the idea, setting up home offices at their own expense, or with the help of constituent donations and volunteer help.

Representative John Otterbacher, Democrat from Grand Rapids, just opened his home office, saying he’ll run it “on a wing and a prayer.”

80 Years Ago

JUNE 7, 1934


American Legion – The American Legion and Auxiliary will be in charge of a benefit program at the CCC Camp in Harrison, Tuesday, Proceeds of which will go to the camp.

The program will include selections by the quartet, an orchestra, and a play which will be directed by John Gardner.

Womans Club – Mrs. C. A. Smith was elected president for the club year at the election held at the home of Mrs. Fred Fleming Monday afternoon.

Mrs. W. R. Turner will replace Mrs. C. L. Rose as chairman of local arrangements for the district convention, to be held here. Mrs. Smith was also elected delegate to the state convention to be held next fall, with Mrs. B. F. Shore alternate.

Other officers for the coming year are: vice-president, Mae D. Stoddard; secretary, Lucy Shore; correspondence secretary, Pearle Decker; treasurer, Ardith R. Diehlman; Librarian, Bessie Brooks.

Road Building – Michigan’s 1934 highway construction program of more than 280 separate projects extending into all 83 counties, will involve the expenditure of approximately $11,000,000 and give employment to about 30,000 men during the season.

The program will improve approximately 550 miles of highway and build many new bridges and grade separations and is to be financed from the unearned balance of the $12,736,000 National Recovery Act road grant to Michigan from the Federal government.

100 Years Ago

JUNE 1, 1914


As pupils prepare to depart for the summer months, the following rhyme has been adapted to the feelings of the botany students, since they received their note book marks for the month:

“Oh where, oh where has my little ‘A’ gone?

“Oh where, oh where can it ‘B’?

“Whatever you do, you surely must ‘C’.

“That you do not make it a ‘D’.


On Monday evening, John I. Gibson, secretary of the Western Michigan Development Bureau, will give a lecture on Western Michigan, illustrated with lantern slides along the lines of fruit and alfalfa raising and other topics.

Mr. Gibson always has something of interest to us all, interspersed with his usual good humor, (he’s Irish).

Remember the day, Monday; the place, opera house; the time, 8 o’clock sharp. It’s free. Come.