Back in Time

50 Years Ago

DECEMBER 10, 1965


Mrs. Cassie Loker and Mrs. Violet Klingshirn returned home last Tuesday after a four day visit with her granddaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fonton of Sylvan Beach, New York.

Mrs. Maude Dennison of Grand Rapids spent two days last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jeffery.

Mrs. Melvin Wein visited last Wednesday in Grand Rapids with relatives and also did some shopping. She spent Friday evening with Miss Irene Knauf in Reed City and her sister Mrs. Nathan Hays at Reed City last Monday evening.


Woman’s Club Tours Evart Products Company - “I had no idea” was a remark frequently heard Monday night when a group of Woman’s Club members and their guests toured the Evart Products Company plant and saw the scope of the operation there.

They were amazed not only by the size of the plant but by the variety of products and manufacturing methods explained by their guides on the tour.

Hunting Accidents – There are still hunting seasons open at this time, so, remember that if you are involved in a hunting accident, you must identify yourself, give all the assistance you can and report the accident to the nearest State Police post or sheriff department.

70 Years Ago

DECEMBER 6, 1945


Government Insurance

Does NOT Work

After much discussion, the Michigan medical profession chose to do something about it.

The Michigan State Medical Society, 4,800 members strong with William J. Burns as a talented and capable secretary, evidenced its progressive leadership by recognizing the basic need for prepaid health insurance.

Instead of compulsory insurance under government control, the Michigan remedy was this: Two volunteer non-profit corporations, the Michigan Medical Service and the Michigan Hospital Service, each chartered by the state legislature in 1939 whereby any citizen is eligible to subscribe to low-cost insurance covering both medical and hospital expenses.

Today the Hospital Service has more than 1,000,000 members; the Medical Service, close to 900,000. No other state health insurance program has begun to approach this outstanding success. Michigan not only leads the entire country; it leads the world.

Paradoxically, Michigan’s progress reveals and emphasizes a weakness of the American medical profession. While 868,000 persons are now insured in Michigan against medical expense only 200,000 in Massachusetts and 175,000 in California are so protected. These are the 2nd and 3rd ranking voluntary insurance states.

No matter how perfect Michigan’s insurance program may become, Michigan alone cannot stem the spreading tide of socialized medicine. Unless all states cooperate for positive local action, national health insurance appears now to be inevitable within a decade.

90 Years Ago

DECEMBER 10, 1925


A very pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Henry Thursday evening at 7 o’clock, when their daughter, Wilma, was united in marriage with Peter Swanson, son of the late William Swanson and Mrs. Alice Swanson.

Donald Arndt, of Flint, has been spending a few days with his sister, Miss Vera Arndt and several of his former schoolmates here.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Huff of Flint and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huff of Detroit, were over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seath and Mrs. Amanda Stirling.

Myron Church has moved his family to Flint where he has employment.

It is unusual to hear of the children coasting down “Bunker Hill” (we used to call it Brigg’s Landing) so early in the season, though they have been doing it the past week.

The Dorcas Society gathered at the home of Mrs. William DeView on Friday evening last.

Miss Margaret Schooley entertained a number of her high school friends at her home Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Brandon, Miss Nanette Carnahan and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davy were among the Evart people who witnessed the football game at Ann Arbor last Saturday when Michigan beat the U. S. Navy 54 to 0.

Sears – Mr. and Mrs. Van D. Gibbons spent Sunday with the John Cockerton family in Mount Pleasant. Mr. Cockerton of Evart, accompanied them.

110 Years Ago

DECEMBER 7, 1905



Mr. and Mrs. Henry Trowbridge of Big Rapids, are guests of Frank S. Postal and family this week.

Miss Clara Rogers pleasantly entertained six of her young friends at a thimble club Saturday afternoon.

Earl Staninger left Tuesday to visit friends in Jackson and Elkhart, Ind.

E. W. Van Fleet has moved to town from his farm on the River Road and now occupies the S. L. Cruikshank house on west Fifth Street.

John Schooley left for Chicago Thursday where he is interested in the settlement of the James Glover estate.

Will Davis, O. C. Bath, Fred Trumbull, Erlin Davis and John Creith witnessed the great football game between the Michigan and Wisconsin teams at Ferry Field, Ann Arbor, on Saturday.

Marion – Herb LaGoe left for Valpariso, Ind., Monday to attend Dodd’s Institute of Telegraphy.

Hartwick – The teacher and pupils of the Sawyer School have purchased a new organ. Miss Truda Simonton is organist.

Route 3 – We saw something this morning which revived memories of the days when we were but little past the boy stage in life – a logging bee – at Mr. Shannon’s.

Sears – Miss Hannah Orth left Wednesday morning for Newberry, where she will spend the winter as an attendant in the Newberry Asylum.

130 Years Ago

DECEMBER 11, 1885


Miss Mabel Rose commenced teaching in district No. 1, Hartwick, last week and Miss Estella Rose entered upon like duties in district No. 5, same township, last Monday.

Fred Smith has been elected secretary of the Independent Hose Co., vice Joe Gaunt, who is out of town.

Dr. Southworth is receiving a visit from his father, F. B. Southworth and cousin, S. B. Southworth, of Ovid, this week.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William Harris, of Lincoln Township, on Thursday last, a ten pound boy.

Mrs. J. W. Turner and Mrs. D. C. Church left for a winter’s sojourn in California on Monday.

President J. M. Ashley and Dr. Dumon went gunning for partridges yesterday afternoon and bagged a nice number.

Benj. Griffith has gone up to join the Mixer brothers who are hunting in Missaukee County. Their camp is near Vogel Center.

Cephas Lumbert, of Hartwick Township, brought to this office 30 late Hebron potatoes that weighed 59 pounds.

Some person took V. R. Davy’s horse out of his barn last night and no trace of man or horse has been found up to this time.

Sears – Frank Jeffs has moved his family to Big Lake. By the way, it is quite a rare thing for Frank to move.