Back in Time

20 Years Ago

SEPT. 15, 1993


REED CITY – On the face of it, the agenda for the Osceola County Board of Commissioners at Thursday’s meeting is one of the lightest in years. But the unpredictable “Public Comment” items could liven things up.

The commissioners will meet at the Evart Township Hall. This year, the commissioners have been holding the second meeting of each month away from the county seat. The idea is to bring county government closer to the people and to provide them with an opportunity to voice their views and concerns to the commissioners.

The response of the public has not been overwhelming. But the citizen turnout at Evart is almost certain to be greater than the attendance at the last meeting in Reed City.

Only two members of the public attended that Reed City meeting. They were Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Tietz. And the Tietz’s can hardly qualify as typical citizens. They attend all the commissioners’ meetings and have a better attendance record than some of the commissioners can boast.

The agenda for the meeting in Evart, in addition to committee reports, has only two items.

Under “Old Business” is consideration of a “resolution on a court funding law suit with the state.” The resolution deals with a lawsuit some counties have launched to effect changes in the way the state supports the courts.

The other item deals with “Solid Waste” which is a common item on the commissioners’ agendas.

Public Comments opportunities for citizens are provided at the beginning of the meeting and just before the close.

70 Years Ago

SEPT. 16, 1943


Two new Corporals are Russell Miller and Montie McMillen, both of Camp Bowie, Texas, and both on maneuvers at present.

Seaman Donald Root, enroute from the west coast to Philadelphia, spent the weekend with mother, Mrs. Mary Root.

Pfc. Clifford Doane is now at Camp Pickett, Va.

Barney Davis returned to the Great Lakes station Sunday after spending a 66-hour leave with his father, W. E. Davis, and sister, Elsie.

Cpl. Clifford Dyer came Sunday to spend his furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dyer. He is stationed in Mass.

S 1/c Mary E. McGuire, who has spent a two-week leave at the H. D. Bell home, left Sunday for Washington, D.C.

80 Years Ago

SEPT. 14, 1933


Friends of County Clerk John Gardner will be pleased to learn that he has been recently released from the hospital, after a minor operation.

Will Swap – Electric radio for old frame building to wreck. Inquire at Review office. –adv.

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Schade and son, Norman and daughters, Bonna Jean, Lillian May and Marilyn Joy, accompanied by Miss Rena Jean Schade and Harvey Woods, spent the weekend at the Chris Schade home.

The Bible Chautauqua started under auspicious circumstances last Sunday evening with a full tent. The comfortably seated 40 by 60 pavilion tent is located on the west side of Main Street a few doors north of the bank. It is tastefully arranged and presents a very inviting appearance.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gorthy and son, Frank Julian, spent the weekend with Mrs. Gorthy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Custer and with Mr. and Mrs. John Marcinkowciz.

Norman A. Weess, local druggist, has been appointed a member of the State Board of Pharmacy by Governor Comstock. Mr. Weess is a very competent pharmacist, and the state organization of pharmacy is indeed fortunate in the Governor’s selection. This board meets three times yearly for the purpose of conducting examinations.

100 Years Ago

SEPT. 19, 1913


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Andersen, late last week, an eleven pound boy.

We were not informed of the return from Ann Arbor of Mrs. John Schoenbals two weeks since, which fact explains our not mentioning it in due time.

Mrs. James Parrish is still very low at this writing.

School commenced in the Star district Tuesday. Miss Jessie Spurrier is the teacher.

Evart Creamery – The Local Creamery!! The local creamery pays cash for all the produce it buys. It gives you honest weight and honest test. Why not patronize and help upbuild the local business? Isn’t that the better policy? Sell your cream, eggs and poultry to the Evart Creamery. Open every Saturday evening for your convenience. –adv.

120 Years Ago

SEPT. 15, 1893


School Items:

One new pupil in Kindergarten this week. The 5th grade have a Jersey cow and a milk maid. The 8th grade are traveling the labyrinths of percentage. The literature class commenced the study of Chaucer this week. There is one vacant seat in the High School room. Frank Postal entered school Monday, making an enrollment of 58 pupils in 1st grade.The 2nd grade pupils have commenced the study of geography, a branch not heretofore pursued by them.

Oxygen will be made in the chemistry class on Thursday.

C. E. Bell – It’s a Fact! You won’t find such another assortment of Tablets, School Books and School Supplies as we have on our shelves this week. The variety is infinite and the range of prices is such as to meet the demands of any pocketbook. Also see our fine line of jewelry and silverware. –adv.

140 Years Ago

SEPT. 11, 1873


Laid Up — The clinger head of the engine in Brandow’s mill, situated just north of this village, bust, one day last week, which laid up the mill for a few days. No one hurt.

The Dam - Geo F. Keep, who has the contract for building the dam, commenced operations last Monday, he expects to have it finished yet this fall. A scarcity of hands is complained of, and men wanting work can be accommodated by applying to Mr. Keep on the site.

Acknowledgement - We acknowledge the receipt of complementary tickets to the first annual fair of the Saginaw Central Agricultural Society, to be holden on September 15th, 16th, and 17th, and to the Saginaw County Agricultural Fair, to be holden on September 24th, 25th, and 26th.

The Cemetery - During the last few days, Mrs. S. A. Winsor has been having the piece of ground, that she sometime since donated to the village, surveyed and platted into avenues and walks. The survey is being done by Mr. N. O. Pettibone of this village who will have the map drawn up in a few days.