Back in Time

30 Years Ago



The Orton’s IGA T-/Ball team won the league championship with a perfect record. Members of the team are Curlie Smith, Sharon Wesselling, David Helstand, Bobby Smith, Jason Norris, Eric Dahlstrom, Adam Crone, Lisa Wood, Sally Wesselling, Greg Britz and Jacob Callaghan. This is the fourth year that Orton’s has won the league title.

In an attempt to develop a repayment plan on the proposed street improvement plan, members of the Evart City Council discussed special assessments at the recent city council meeting.

50 Years Ago



The fire department made three more quick runs Saturday, with the second alarm coming just as the firemen were putting the trucks back into their stalls. The first call came from Evart Products Co., where a fork truck had caught fire. The second alarm came from the vicinity of the locker plant, where a grass fire had started at a campsite near the river. Alarm No. 3 was from Big Lake in Orient Township, where a small grass fire was quickly extinguished.

Stockholders in the American Logging Tool Corp., who voted last month to approve the sale of the firm to Norval Morey of Winn have received six percent dividends on their holdings this week. The dividends, the first since the concern was acquired from Bascom and Broderick, of St. Louis, Mo., two years ago, was approved by the Board of Directors at their last meeting.

Evart streets will get a retouching job soon with new paving scheduled for Cedar Street north of Fourth; it was unofficially decided at the meeting of the City Council Tuesday night. Leon TenBrock, of the McPherson Paving Co., at Marion, was present at the meeting and will do the work. Estimated cost of the job is in the neighborhood of $9,000.00.

70 Years Ago



Seaman First Class Melvin Fox and his cousin, Coxswain Howard Scott, both former Evart boys, visited their parents recently on their first leaves in 17 months. The boys are shipmates; both enlisted before Pearl Harbor and witnessed that treacherous attack; and both have taken part in actions that have collected part of the debt that the Japs ran up that December 7th.

Melvin Fox is the son of Mrs. Orlo Adams, of Evart, and is one of three brothers in service. Sgt. Floyd Fox is stationed at Scott Field, Ill., and Lt. Harold Fox is believed to be overseas with the Army Air Force. Scott’s brother-in-law, Pvt. Charles Thompson, is in the gunnery school at Biloxi, to give the family the right to five service stars.

90 Years Ago



Domestic production of Ford cars and trucks for 1923 reached one million Friday, July 20, it is just announced at the offices of the Ford Motor Company. This is three months earlier than in 1922.

The first millionth car was produced in 1915, approximately 12 years after the company started.

To meet the increasing demand since that time production has every year been stepped up until now manufacturing facilities are so enormous as to permit the company to produce a million cars and trucks in the remarkably short period of six months.



The tremendous dimensions of the disaster in Japan can scarcely be comprehended. Conservative estimates claim that over 300,000 people have perished, and countless numbers of others are suffering from fire, flood and famine following the earthquake.

The American Red Cross has set $5,000,000 as its immediate goal for relief purposes in the stricken country.

Inasmuch as there is no local Red Cross organization, and knowing that the people of Osceola County will wish to help these suffering people, I have asked the following to accept contributions to the fund: Evart State Bank, Dr. J. C. Floyd, Mrs. Minnie Mills, Preston Hardware, Davy & Company Grocery.

All moneys received will be forwarded without delay to Eliot Wadsworth, Treasurer of the American Red Cross.

Fred B. Smith, Evart Village President

110 Years Ago



A very pleasant event occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Davy, of Evart, when their daughter, Lottie Olive, was given in marriage to John H. Sowles, the ceremony being performed by Rev. G. A. Brown.

The parlor was very tastefully decorated with ferns and potted plants. The bride and groom stood under an arch of spreading hemlock and bridal wreath. The bride was beautifully attired in a castor colored gown while the groom was attired in the conventional black.

The bride was attended by Miss Ermina Sowles, sister of the groom, and the groom by Mr. Dorton Davy, brother of the bride.

The wedding march was played by Mrs. McMillan, aunt of the bride. After congratulations the company was served a bountiful six o’clock dinner. About fifty invitations were given; those in attendance from a distance were Mrs. S. M. Gilmore and Mrs. Lorin McMillan, of Ankenytour, Ohio.

The young couple received many beautiful and useful presents, after which they repaired to their own country home, its having been elegantly furnished and prepared by the groom for his happy bride. The young people have the best wishes of their many friends.

130 Years Ago



We had a genuine dude in town on Monday.

The warm wave doesn’t get here very fast.

There are at present seven inmates in the county house in this county.

Jas. Trip has sold his cub bear to Flint parties.

State Fair in two weeks at Detroit. Half fare on railroads.

Jack Frost has ripened up vegetation to beat the oldest.

Hose Companies Nos. 2 and 3 were out practicing last evening.

The work of making the brick for the new water works well was commenced yesterday, under the management of Ned Seath. The bricks are six inches wide at one end, and four at the other, three inches thick and twelve inches long, and are made of gravel and water lime.

There has been complaint entered about people clearing weeds from their lots at the cemetery leaving the rubbish in the alleys, directly against the rules of the cemetery. Please be more careful. Carry your rubbish where it will not be in the way of other people.

The grading on Fifth Street has been in progress all the week.

Meeting of the Horse Association at Secretary True’s office this (Friday) evening.

The Council disbursed over $700.00 of the village funds at its meeting on Monday night.

Miss Lizzie McFarlane has gone to Ann Arbor to attend the University there.

There is nothing definite, as yet, about State telephone connections