Back in Time

20 Years Ago

AUGUST 11, 1993


Big Rapids – Members of the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District Board of Education gave the leadership nod again to longtime board member George Parsons of Evart, and re-elected him president during the board’s reorganizational meeting Monday night.

Along with Parsons, MOISD school board members elected Dave Vizithum vice president. Vizithum replaces Beverly Bookwalter who served as vice president of the board last year. Bookwalter resigned from the board earlier this year when her family relocated to Florida.

MOISD Superintendent Roger Dixon was re-elected secretary and Pat Hickox was elected treasurer.

In other action: Board members learned that the Math/Science/Technology room in the Mecosta-Osceola Career Center is moving right along as planned and is scheduled to open when school resumes in the fall.

The room is all cleared out and ready to go, and bids have been taken for the equipment. When all is finished it will house 25 students.

Dixon said, “It’s a gamble, but it’s something we feel our kids need and we are going to do all we can to make it happen.”

40 Years Ago

AUGUST 9, 1973


4-H’ers from Reed City, Hersey and Evart decided to get a head start Tuesday and began cleaning up the Fairgrounds in Evart for the Osceola County 4-H and FFA Fair to be held a few weeks from now.

Mrs. Lawrence Randal and Bethy, and Mrs. Archie Smith and Luanne, all of Reed City, attended a baby shower Saturday evening held for Debra Johnson, also of Reed City.

Darlene Page returned Saturday evening from her trip to Iowa.

Ruth Bell visited Rachelle Brown the other day.

We understand Fred Barnes is just getting over a bout with pneumonia. Fred is still at the Reed City Hospital. Mrs. Barnes is staying with her daughter at Reed City so she can spend more time with Fred.

Mrs. Paul Leyder and Alice Olson called at the Nelson Root cottage Sunday afternoon.

On Monday the callers at Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barkers were Opal Thomas, Mable Peterson and Spencer Brackett of Sears.

Joyce Jones spent Monday evening with her mother, Grace Alberts.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Anderson had dinner on Wednesday with Mrs. Elgia Hickok. Ron Hickok was home for the weekend.

On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Struble went to Farwell where they were in the housewarming for Mr. and Mrs. Ron Struble.

60 Years Ago

AUGUST 13, 1953



Mr. and Mrs. Ray Benscoter and family of Drayton Plains spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neuman.

Mrs. Lois Porter of Dighton spent the day Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Dee Hilliker.

Monday morning, Mrs. Mable Preston, Mrs. Ruth Walters, Mrs. Margaret Bancroft, Mrs. Edith Gray, Mrs. Letha Corey and Mrs. Olive Bowman motored to Traverse City where they joined Mecosta Farm Bureau women on the lawn of the State Hospital for a tour through the hospital.

The weekly prayer meeting will be held at the South Evart Free Methodist Church Wednesday evening with a society meeting following.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace J. Walters and family took a picnic lunch and motored to Baldwin Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Charles of Bangor who have been on a vacation trip spent Wednesday afternoon and night with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Preston.

The annual field day and picnic of the Michigan Shorthorn Association held at the George McLachlan farm last Saturday was well attended with over 100 persons present. Miss Marily McLachlan of Mount Pleasant was home over the weekend to attend the picnic.

80 Years Ago

AUGUST 10, 1933

At the Lyric – A different type of Western picture, with a mystery background is “Haunted Gold,” the vitaphone attraction for Friday and Saturday. Dealing with the old “ghost towns” of California’s gold rush days and present-day spooks, it presents John Wayne and his devil horse, Duke, in a series of the most unusual experiences this popular riding and roaming star has offered the followers of big Western productions.

Bring a dozen people, all strangers to one another, into a “ghost town” like this, all bent on the same errand, all terrified and mystified by the strange apparitions in the vicinity of the deserted mine in which they are interested – and almost anything can happen.

Before Wayne finally solves the mystery of the haunted mine, he has gone through fights and hairbreadth escapes in sufficient numbers to make half a dozen ordinary “thrillers.” All shows – 15 cents.


Commander Baxter H. Bruce, who has been spending the past week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Bruce, and his brother Harry, returned Wednesday to Washington, D.C., where he is stationed at present.

100 Years Ago

AUGUST 15, 1913


Mrs. Fred Fleming and little niece, Imogene Fleming, left Monday morning to visit friends at Grand Rapids.

All those holding our Savings Books are entitled to their semi-annual 4 percent interest at the Evart Savings Bank.

There will be a dance at the Emerald Hall Friday evening.

Mrs. Richard (Cannon) Dively and children, of Grand Rapids, are guests at the parental home this week.

Master Judson Richardson spent last week with his grandfather, Dr. E. S. Richardson, at Reed City.

Pearl Woods of this office is spending the week with her parents at Reed City.

Mrs. J. W. Davis is visiting Mr. Davis’ brother’s family in Clare this week.

Evart Auto Co. has recently sold to three gentlemen, William Turner of Evart, M. C. Preyss of Barryton and Dr. J. D. Lewis of Evart, Ford touring cars.

140 Years Ago

AUGUST 10, 1873


A Change – Quite a change and improvement will be noticed in the make-up of the outside of the Review this week. We hope those interested in the success of the paper will take some little pains to furnish us with original contributions, accompanied by the writer’s full name.

Many improvements to buildings noticed in both Reed City and Hersey. If you are in those vicinities be sure to note how nice both of those villages look these days.

Mr. and Mrs. Radcliff, of Grand Rapids, were guests for the last two weeks of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Chesterson who, along with their children, are newly moved to the Reed City area themselves not three months since.