Back in Time

20 Years Ago

AUGUST 9, 1993


Spring Valley Ladies Golf

Monday, August 9

1st Flight

Low Gross – Mary Clark, 42, 2nd Low Gross – Cherie Adams, 43. Low Net – Ruth Week, 34, 2nd Low Net – Shelly Usik, 34. Low Putts – Karen King, 14.

2nd Flight

Low Gross – Fern Thorburn, 46, 2nd Low Gross – Joan Williams, 47. Low Net – Georgie Burt, 34, 2nd Low Net – Muriel Clark, 37. Low Putts – Carol Baker and Carol Young, 14.

3rd Flight

Low Gross – Norma Fogelsong, 55, 2nd Low Gross – Rita Coaster, 56. Low Net – Jackie VanNostrand, 35, 2nd Low Net – Reg Renner, 38. Low Putts – Nathalie Hessler, 17.

#12 – Closest to pin – Fern Thorburn

#16 – Closest Chip – Jackie VanNostrand

#12 – Birdie – Jan Wiler

#15 – Birdie – Cherie Adams

#12 – Chip in – Jan Wiler

40 Years Ago

AUGUST 2, 1973


The second Jesus Youth Rally will be held at the park grandstand, in Marion, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 7:30 p.m. There will be testimonies, songs by the audience and special numbers from different parts of northern Michigan and a group from Iowa.

The Big Lake Association held its annual meeting Saturday at the George Streblo cottage, Maddern subdivision. The picnic will be Saturday, August 18th, Ratzel Park, south side.

Pastor Ione Lloyd was honored Sunday for 25 years of faithful ministry at the Church of God. Also special recognition was given to the pastor’s approaching birthday in the Sunday morning service.

50 Years Ago

AUGUST 1, 1963


Gerard Masse, a graduate student at the University of Michigan, visited and went through some old copies of the Review to get the ‘Dope’ on Evart.


Evart’s high school musicians will be resplendent in brand new uniforms this fall. The Band Boosters did the job of raising a total of $4,085.36 over the past few years with a long series of projects that finally hit the primary goal with a chicken barbecue at the Sidewalk Sale here.

The $393 profit from the barbecue was realized with a big assist from Joe and Audrey Ferguson who started it by refusing to accept the change from a ten dollar bill when buying two dinner tickets.

The Fergusons then asked the cost of a uniform (about $82) and wrote a check for $90, stating that they had no children to benefit, but that they enjoyed the band concerts and appreciated the public spirit of the youngsters.

60 Years Ago

AUGUST 6, 1953


Four local soldiers who entered the service together, are still together and are now located at Fort Riley, Kansas. The four are Paul Cass, Norman Bissett, Bob Halstead and Don Cole.

Townline 4-H Gardening Club met at the Robbins School House Thursday. The meeting consisted of election of officers. They are as follows: president, Richard Knapp; vice president, Kenneth Schroeder; secretary, Theresa Ramey and reporter, Gerald Schroeder. 4-H leader is Herbert Maddern, Jr.

80 Years Ago

AUGUST 3, 1933


A curious inconsistency in the financing of the county normal for this year lies in the fact that no reduction by the legislature was made in the sum of $1,500 allocated to each county normal teacher by law; while at the same time the general appropriation is only half sufficient if all county normal collect on the legal basis.

Miss Elizabeth Davy spent last week in Lansing as a guest at the Richardson home, and with her friend, Miss Marijane Ochs.

The Jolly Canners will meet with Mrs. Eva Robertson, Thursday, for an all-day meeting.

Mrs. Allured continues the publications founded by Earl R. Allured, the Manufacturing Confectioner and the Confectionery Buyer, serving both the manufacturers and distributors of confectionery. The recent issue gives a very comprehensive review of “A Century of Progress in the Candy Industry.”

Guests over the weekend at the home of Mrs. Alice Allured included Mrs. E. R. Allured and youngest son, Allen Robert of Chicago, and Mrs. Allured’s cousin, Mrs. Arthur B. Holman of Harvey, Ill. They arrived Friday evening and returned Monday.

90 Years Ago

AUGUST 1, 1923


The Osceola County Fair – The committee in charge of the Osceola County Fair is making progress in the arrangements for the entertainment and program for this year’s Fair, which will be held the last week in August.

They will have ready in a few days, a new and attractive premium list. And to the farmers and other exhibitors, they wish to give assurance that the premiums will be paid in cash the last day of the Fair.

There will be given away absolutely free, on the grounds the last day of the Fair, a new Ford Touring Car. Particulars concerning this car can be had from any dealer or merchant in the county within the next week.

A complete circus will exhibit on the grounds in front of the Grand Stand each day of the Fair. There will also be arranged a program of field and track events for boys and girls.

Believing that a successful County Fair will mean a better County, the management asks the cooperation and support of everyone.

110 Years Ago

AUGUST 6, 1903


Mrs. L. S. Dage was called to Ludington on Friday last, on account of the serious illness of her daughter, Mrs. Flora Ganong. She returned Saturday bringing her daughter with her, who is now beginning to slowly recover and will stay until she is fully of that persuasion.

Reed City - Young Oscar Landers was injured Monday while attempting to hitch his father’s team to a wagon that had been just painted. It seems horses may not enjoy the smell of new paint and bolted away from the boy, dragging him a few yards before it occurred to him to leave go the harness he was hanging on to.

Mrs. Moody Trowbridge, of Cleveland, Ohio, has been very ill with typhoid fever, but is now recovering. She expects to visit Evart and vicinity when her health will permit.

130 Years Ago

AUGUST 3, 1883


The National will soon have a new barn. Thanks to C. C. Hudson, of Washington, Will C. Wix, of Denver, M. C. Williams of St. Paul and other friends, for copies of various newspapers. We’ll get even with you.

W. M. Davis is building a 20 x 32 barn on the premises in the rear of his house.

A new time card took effect on the F. & P.M. R’y last ‘Sunday. It does not molest us here, the principal changes being on the eastern division.