Back in Time

20 Years Ago

JULY 21, 1993


By Vivian Brandal

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wilkerson visited Lettie Scott on Monday. Kathy and David VanBurgel of Maine were also visiting Lettie on Monday.

Penny Cascadden, Robbie Darnell and Becky Roys from Reed City were visiting Penny’s folks on Monday afternoon and were surprised to find her mother working in the garden after her recent trouble.

Sunday afternoon Leonard and Esther Preston of Marion were visiting Fred, Erma, Robert and Jason Cascadden.

Hicks Lake is busy this summer. Everyone is up at the lake.

Nellie Pullman from Florida is up for a couple of months visiting her sister, Darlene Smith.

Margaret Jackson visited Erma Cascadden on Friday afternoon.

Millie Jones, Geraldine Peterson, Nellie Pullman and Darlene Smith played cards on Wednesday at Darlene’s.

60 Years Ago

JULY 23, 1953



The Osceola County chapter of the American Red cross held its annual meeting at the court house in Reed City Wednesday evening. The fund drive chairman, Howard Grant of, Reed City, and Rev. William Beckett of Evart, reported that $2,982.87 had been raised, $183 more than last year. Of this, 51.6 percent stays in the county for local work.

Mrs. Ernest Marble, of Reed City, Home Service Secretary, reported 151 cases and requests handled by Home Service, more than twice the number handled the previous year.

Certificates for home nursing were issued to 135 women who took the Red Cross sponsored home service classes.



Mrs. Leona Barchard helped Agnes McLachlan with house cleaning on Friday.

The annual school meeting was held at the Johnson School Monday night with much business discussed. The moderator, Delmer Preston, was reelected for another three years.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sears of Northville spent the weekend at their cottage at Hicks Lake.

70 Years Ago

JULY 21, 1943



Application forms for new A gasoline ration books have been received by the county rationing board and distributed to gasoline stations throughout the county, it is announced by L. G. Hammond.

Due to the short time remaining before the present coupons expire, it is essential for motorists to fill in their applications and forward them to the board as soon as possible.

Motorists are also cautioned to include the back cover of their present A ration book and their tire inspection certificate with their application. Failure to include either of these items will hold up issuance of the new book.

100 Years Ago

JULY 25, 1913


Carl Farwell, who was recently appointed postmaster at Barryton, was an Evart visitor Thursday.

A. E. Reynolds is here in the Reed City, Hersey and Evart area form Jackson looking over property interests.

Arthur Shore, chiropractic practitioner, is now located at East Jordan.

A. H. Rose is making a business trip to Toledo.

Dr. H. S. Nolte, wife and son of Reed City, were guests of J. E. Richardson and family over Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Curtis left Monday morning to visit the former’s parents at Traverse City for a couple of weeks.