Back in Time

30 Years Ago

JULY 12, 1983


Blaine Melvis, of Farwell, took a 5.1 pound bass from Pogy Lake recently. The bass fell to a black and white candy stripe worm. Blaine had the fish weighed on certified scales at Foster’s Market in Evart.

The Evart Lions Club installed new officers at their annual picnic, held at Riverside Park. Officers are: Fred Bilkey, President; Morse Seaton, First Vice President; Gerald Nichols, Second Vice President; Wayne Stevens, Secretary; Orris Corey, Treasurer; Richard Crone, Tail Twister; Bruce Borkovich, Lion Tamer; Bill Bradley, Fred Marshick, Ron Babb and Albert Fath, Trustees.

A Golden Wedding Anniversary reception honoring Mr. and Mrs. John Leach was hosted by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rink and family on Saturday, June 25 at the JayCee Community Building. John and Marge want to thank all those who attended.

50 Years Ago

JULY 11, 1963


Beginning September 6, 1963, Osceola and Mecosta County residents will have to look up a new address when they write to their Congressman, and politicians from the two counties will be making new alliances. The two counties were shifted from the tenth Congressional District to the ninth, now being served by the able Robert Griffin, co-author of the Griffin-Landrum Labor Bill.

Mrs. Mildred Morlock, of Hersey, received a Certificate of Service in recognition of the completion of 20 years of service as an ASC County Office Employee of the United States Department of Agriculture, serving as County Office Manager for the Osceola County ASC Committee.


The following letter was sent by Governor Romney to Norval Morey of Morbark, Portab & Debarker Company at Winn, Michigan:

Dear Mr. Morey: Encouragement of Michigan industry as a means of providing jobs for our people is one of the economic expansion programs of this administration. You are to be commended for taking control of American Logging Tool Corporation and thus stabilizing the economy of the Evart community. Your action, it has been pointed out, saved 40 to 50 jobs, a step of great importance to that area.

Your interest in Michigan and its economic progress is most gratifying. I wish you continuing success which should mean further expansion of your interests and more jobs of Michigan. Sincerely, George Romney.

70 Years Ago

JULY 14, 1943


Storm Hits Reed City - The Reed City area was hit, Wednesday, by a severe thunder storm that somehow missed the rest of the county.

One more Well for Evart Field – One completion was logged in the Evart field this week when Sun drilled in the Stein-Wilcox well Tuesday for a natural flow of 165 barrels in 19 hours. The well was being tubed Thursday preparatory to acidizing.

Blackout in Evart Rated Near 100 percent – “Almost 100 percent successful” was the verdict of Civilian Defense workers in charge of last Thursday’s blackout here. The most glaring violation was laid squarely at the door of the city of Evart, for the lights of Riverside Park, which burned brightly all evening. The violation was due to a misunderstanding as to who was responsible for the job of turning off those particular lights.

Extensive repairs are in progress on the sidewalks in Evart’s downtown district. Crews of men and high school vacationers under street commissioner Sebring have replaced the broken paving on Seventh Street running along the burned-out Bruce building and on Main Street in front of the Hooker ice cream parlor.

90 Years Ago

JULY 11, 1923



Osceola County Fair Essay

Contest Offers Six Prizes

Boys and Girls – Stop!!! Look!!! Listen!!! The Osceola County Fair Association offers six prizes for the six best essays written by the boys and girls of Osceola County. Enter the contest. Show your literary ability. Prove that your education is making you think.

There are to be two groups. Group I, for high school students, which includes all eighth grade graduates. The subject will be, “What will help make Osceola a better county?”

Group II, for those who have not yet passed the eighth grade and are still attending school, the subject will be, “Why should everyone obey the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?”

First Prize - $10 in Gold. Second prize - $5 in Gold. Third prize, $2.50


The Misses Margaret Peters and Winona Ward were guests at the home of the latter’s parents, John Ward and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Struble called on Allan Slater and wife Sunday.

Mrs. James McDonald and son, Eli Smith, of Clare, was in Hersey on business Tuesday and stopped at Chippewa at her old home for a short time.

110 Years Ago

JULY 9, 1903


Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyrights, 50 years’ experience. Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably going to be patentable. Communications are strictly confidential. Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive special notice, without charge, in the Scientific American. –adv.


Geo. F. Andrus, Dealer in Modern Merchandise. 25% Discount Sale. It has been our custom to give these large Clearance Sales twice a year. Hundreds of shrewd buyers know it and are now waiting for our Midsummer Sale.

When the purchasing power of a dollar is nearly doubled, we cut the price on every article in Men’s, Boys’ and Children’s Clothing, Ladies’ Skirts, Shirt Waists and Furnishings so deep that the people awake to the tremendous saving chances and buy, when one dollar goes nearly as far as two.

Shoes at a great discount – we’d rather have their room than their company. Come soon or your shoes will be gone. –adv.

130 Years Ago

JULY 13, 1883



Miss Nellie Jeffs left yesterday morning for a visit with Canadian friends at Toronto.

Stockholders in the Osceola Driving Park Association are hereby notified that a second assessment of 50 percent is now due and are requested to call at the treasurer’s office and pay the same at once. F. A. True, Secretary.

Reverend. I. N. Crittenden preached his finishing sermon last Sunday. In the morning his theme was from Acts of the Apostles, 20th chapter and 27th verse: in the evening from the text “Watchman, what of the night.” We understand Mr. Crittenden and family will remove to Hastings next week.

Fred Postal returned from the eastern part of the State on Tuesday night. He reports a big time in Mount Clemens and especially at Pontiac, where he met many friends of his own and the publisher of this paper.