40 Years Ago

MARCH 27, 1975


Reed City – The Osceola County Animal Shelter is open for business, after several months of planning, construction and awaiting the arrival of wire fencing.

According to Orval Whitman, animal control officer, fencing for the pens was put up last Tuesday and the first animals were dropped off that same day. He already has several dogs at the facility awaiting adoption.

The new facility is equipped with a front office area, a treatment room, small animal room, furnace room and restroom, as well as 12 indoor-outdoor pens for larger animals.

Total cost of the construction of the facility was $16,821.

A new animal control officer will be hired to police the streets of Evart. As far as Reed City is concerned, Whitman is unsure whether he will be responsible for handling complaints within Reed City, or whether that responsibility will fall to Jack Rambadt, Reed City street superintendent and dog warden. “I’ve never heard any decision on that,” he said.

Whitman explained that anyone dropping an animal at the shelter will be charged $3, and those animals should be brought in by Osceola County residents.

Reclaiming a lost animal will also cost $3 for the first day the dog was boarded at the facility and $1 for each day thereafter.

Hours for the new shelter are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each weekday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

60 Years Ago

MARCH 31, 1955

Greatest Size, Luxury and Power Ever Priced So Low!!

~ 1955 PONTIAC ~

Wondering what new car to buy? Step to the window, watch traffic, and you’ll see how others are settling this question. They are buying Pontiacs – at a faster rate than ever before in history!

There’s Pontiac’s unique combination of beautiful long, low lines, Vogue Two-Tone styling, and Twin-Streak distinction.

There’s Pontiac’s long wheelbase – the secret of the wondrously safe, smooth ride that makes you and your passengers the happiest people on wheels.

There’s Pontiac’s roominess and luxury ….. living room comfort and mode-of-tomorrow décor ….. along with picture-window vision all around.

And there’s Pontiac instant control and Strato-Streak V-8 performance – but these must be enjoyed to be believed.

Take a total of the foregoing and here’s the result – more of everything than a like amount of money has ever bought before!

How much money? You can actually buy a Strato-Streak-powered Pontiac for just a few dollars more than the very lowest priced cars! Come in and find out how little it costs to switch to modern motoring.


Evart - Michigan

80 Years Ago

MARCH 28, 1935


A discussion of the prospects of securing a minimum wage law for teachers and recent legislation favorable to education was given by Calvin B. Talhelm, Evart attorney, at a meeting of the Osceola County Teachers Club held at Tustin Thursday night.

W. L. Schultz, superintendent of the Hersey Public School, lead a discussion of the Teacher’s Retirement Fund.

The proposal of a county-wide program of music was led by Warren Ketcham, head of the music department of Reed City Schools.

A feature of this program would be a chorus of rural children of the county.

Earl Lickert, president of the group, presided at the business session, which was followed by community singing led by Mrs. F. N. Hubbard, with Mrs. Lickert at the piano.


Mr. and Mrs. Lucas McCann, of Grand Rapids, were weekend guests of the Arnold Arthur family in Reed City.

Lester Diehl, of Reed City, spent Sunday with his cousin, Oliver Martin, also of Reed City.

New Arrival – There’s a smile on the face of Mr. L. O. Trane of late; the reason being the birth of a fine 10 pound son.

100 Years Ago

MARCH 26, 1915


County Seat News

The Woodmen have invited the Royal Neighbors and their families to a supper next Thursday evening.

Ernest Reeves, of Pogy, visited with Hersey friends last Friday and attended the masquerade.

George Rupert, B. N. Savidge and A. M. Fleischauer, of Reed City, were doing business at the court house this week.

Barney Matzela, of LeRoy, has taken out naturalization papers; John Calhoun of the same town, served as witness.


The Farmer Boys’ Band have in contemplation a box social to be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Cockerton on Friday night next.

The erection of a new mail box is always welcomed by us and looked upon as a long step in advance, but we’ll not venture at present to state in what direction the progress has been made by either of our bachelor young men in so doing. We trust it may be a drawing card.

120 Years Ago

MARCH 29, 1895


Central Chippewa

Abe Deline is suffering with a felon on his finger.

Lafe Church is busy drawing cedar fence posts to Evart for Davy & Co.

D. Free is busy getting out elm stave bolts, which he is selling to Evart parties.

School commenced last Monday in district No. 4, Miss Estella Howland, teacher.

District No. 1, Evart

Mrs. Aaron Manier has gone to Indiana to visit relatives.

Dave McMullen is breaking in a fine colt for driving purposes.

Thos. Hoover and Tim Clark are making ties for J. Ballantyne.

Mrs. Congdon, of Cole’s Crossing, is calling in this neighborhood today.

Young man, don’t feed the cow any more mittens; save them to give to some pretty girl.

A number of the young people of this district attended the sugar social at Shad Lake last Wednesday evening.

J. McMullen and P. S. Camp are cutting wood with a sawing machine.

140 Years Ago

MARCH 27, 1875



-Who will be the first to move in the organization of an agricultural society?

-Reed City has a new store building.

-The Exchange Hotel has been thoroughly re-painted, and looks good.

-The Farwell property in this county is offered for sale.

-Be aware - a confidence man has been noted as being in Reed City.

-W. M. Davis has hoisted a new sign over his store.

-Remember the Literary Society entertainment at McFarlane Hall this evening.

-Citizens of this county are well pleased over the early arrival of the evening mail train.

-Ladies desiring calling cards can get the same at the Review office.

-The Good Templars talk of reorganizing their dramatic association at this time.