40 Years Ago

MARCH 13, 1975


In discussion at its Monday meeting the Osceola County Board of Commissioners learned that federal money is available on a 70-30 matching basis for the purchase of two ambulances, which could then replace present ambulances or be used to increase present operations to serve Evart and LeRoy areas, which now depend on Reed City or Marion based ambulance services.

Interest shown by Evart and LeRoy-area residents is a key factor in that decision and input from these areas is the purpose of a special meeting to be set at a future time.

According to Phil Rathbun, who new operates the county ambulance service with his wife, the two ambulances could be used to replace existing equipment or could be operated in the two other areas. He said ideally, paid, trained crews would run the ambulances. “I know that’s not possible financially. At this time, I can see the expense of operating the service, so we will probably have to use properly trained rescue workers.”

If the grant comes through, the county would be asked to pay $9,000 of the $30,000 total cost for the two vehicles.

60 Years Ago

MARCH 3, 1955


Sparks Corners

There was no school at Barryton Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to the ice storm.

Lorna and Bill McCallum, Jim and Lila Campbell and son attended the show at Big Rapids Saturday night.

Laura Sparks called on Mrs. Carl Wilson Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Williamson spent Saturday night at the Kenneth Tucker home. Sunday they visited Mr. and Mrs. Will Kershner in Big Rapids, returning to Flint in the afternoon.

Eddie Carmichael made a business trip to Grand Rapids Tuesday, returning home on Wednesday.

Pierson Corners

Mrs. Wm. Stipek and Mrs. Ralph Lauman attended the Farm Bureau Institute at East Lansing Tuesday and Wednesday with 365 attending. Mrs. Lauman went on to Flint.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brooker took his father, Fred Brooker to a doctor, he fell and hurt his wrist a week ago Monday. Fortunately no bones were broken.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hammond and Mrs. Mable Brooker were in Cadillac Saturday.

Mrs. Edith Adams was a dinner guest last week of Mrs. Charles Morgan.

80 Years Ago

MARCH 7, 1935


Junior’s velocipede and Betty Jane’s doll buggy no longer will be an excess baggage problem to mother when she travels on Michigan trains, and “Pandemonium,” the family pooch, will be only half his former baggage liability, according to Col. Roy C. Vandercook, manager of the Michigan Railroads’ Association.

The lines making up the Association, he announces, like those elsewhere have just put into effect a new baggage allowance policy.

Under it, parents traveling with small children may not include in their free baggage allowance such articles as baby carriages, go-carts, velocipedes and tricycles on which separate charges heretofore were assessed.


Miss Eva Dyer, of Hersey, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Rohen.

Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley Smith and son spent the weekend in Saginaw and Flushing.

Mr. and Mrs. William King and Mrs. Charles Hammond called on Mrs. Harris, of Reed City, Sunday.

Miss Geraldine Hathaway and Miss Virginia Hughes entertained the Hoo Delts at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fleming Tuesday night. Five tables of bridge were in play and refreshments were served.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Herkner and daughter, Annette, of Sanford, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. O., J. North over the weekend.

100 Years Ago

MARCH 12, 1915


Saturday morning the Boy Scouts with full haversacks started for the Bayou. A cold wind was blowing but the rate at which the boys traveled kept any from complaining of cold feet. When the heavy artillery reached the camp the advanced guard had a fine fire started and the “weinnies” and coffee were soon cooking.

Elmer Bracket, finding a place near the bank where the ice had been chopped away for fishing and a spear lying handy, became the proud possessor of a two foot pike which at dinner time was in much demand.

Several of the boys began their second class examination by cooking two ounces of Elmer’s fish and the same weight of beefsteak without the common cooking utensils. Coming back several of the boys went a mile in twelve minutes, alternately walking and running, another requirement of a second class Scout.