Back in Time

20 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 3, 1993


By Bonnie Fry

Witnessed an interesting rescue on Saturday afternoon. A man was injured in a snowmobile accident on the state land northwest of Strawberry Lake. EMS personnel went as far as they could, from the Evart end, loaded equipment on snowmobiles and rode off in search of the victim.

Reed City EMS and LeRoy Fire Department folks  went in from the west end in the fire department’s four-wheel-drive vehicle. Somehow they found the man, near the ‘Sugar Bowl,’ but had no ambulance to take him out.

Along came Martha Loar with her four-wheel-drive blazer. The children of the victim had gone to Martha’s mother’s home to call the ambulance, so she went to see if she could help. It’s a good thing she did.

When I saw them, they were all at the corner of West 11 Mile Road and 170th Ave., the corner where I live. We had started out on 7 Mile, near Evart, and traveled through state land, they on the snowmobile trails, me on 135th Ave. to 9 Mile to 170th to 11 Mile.

Everyone worked together very well, including two ambulance crews, a fire department and some volunteer residents. Since there were no police involved, the name of the victim was not released.

40 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 1, 1973


Saturday evening dinner guests of Jim and June Mitchell were Bill and Sue Flachs and Bill Leckel and Margaret Flachs.

Leroy Small and family were in Reed City over the weekend visiting relatives.

We are going to step out on a limb and say that winter may not be over just yet; especially since  there appears to be a first class blizzard blowing outside our office windows and it has been there for the last 36 hours.

51 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 5, 1963


Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Collins were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tower and sons of Marion and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hansen and daughter, Mary Sue.

Tustin, Dighton and Marion received a good four inches of snow Tuesday while the rest of the county received not so much as a single flake.

School’s in session – can the pupils get through?

The Mac Tyler family of Clare spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holihan and family.

Oliver Smith was in the town of Reed City Wednesday and Thursday.

60 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 5, 1953



Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Costers, of Reed City, were Sunday dinner and afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mathers, also of Reed City.

Carol and Barbara Toth, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Toth, visited in Detroit over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wade entertained for dinner last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holihan, Mr. and Mrs. Czerney Blake and Ila McNeil.

Wilbur Andersen was in Reed City Tuesday on business.

Maple Grove News – Prayer meeting will be held this week at the Ray Warden home, at 8:00 p.m. This week will bring a busy schedule for the Faith Bible Church. On Tuesday night the annual congregational business meeting will be held at the parsonage, the young people will also hold their annual election of officers on Wednesday night at the parsonage. Wednesday will also be the annual election of officers for the Philathean Circle which will be held with Mrs. Fred Fankhauser.

70 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 4, 1943


The Secret of Success

The best way we have ever heard to learn the secret of success is to watch a successful man and note the way that he operates. We’ve been doing that for the last few days – and our hat is off to V. R. Davy.

He didn’t stay to watch the fire that was leveling the Davy & Co. grocery. He could be found at his desk in the main store making plans for the future, and those plans bore fruit in a hurry.

On Monday night the City Council met in a special session and granted Davy & Co. permission to use the Carey Building, subject to approval of the Conservation Department. A phone call started Miles Callaghan on more swift action, and the agreement of the Conservation Department was secured in slightly more than an hour and on Tuesday, salvaged goods were hauled from the scene of the fire to be stored there.

On Wednesday a deal was completed taking over the stock of meat and groceries of Slim’s Market and on Thursday morning, it was “business as usual”.

We think that’s pretty spry action for a man who has spent more than 60 years as the head of his firm!

100 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 7, 1913


The Evart Woman’s Club met on Monday, Feb. 3, at the home of Mrs. McCracken. It was Literary Day and Mrs. Rose was leader.

Miss Louise Shupp was visiting in Reed City and in Hersey this week and is now on her way back to her home near Ionia.

Dan Youngs is attending a meeting of good roads advocates at Saginaw today.

The 14th anniversary of Osceola Chapter Eastern Star was celebrated by a musical program and served refreshments at the regular meeting Tuesday evening.

The meeting of the Ladies’ Aid Society of District No. 1, Evart, has been postponed to Thursday, Feb. 13, at the home of George Snyder.

140 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 6, 1873

Dear Editor:

You will do the public a favor by publishing the following full and explicit statement of the fine and costs taxed in the case of the People vs. Mrs. Pope, furnished by Justice Lemert, at the request of the defendant’s husband.

Justice Fees:

Search warrant - $1.50

Criminal Warrant – 1.50

Arraigning criminal - .25

Venire - .15

Swearing jury - .10

Swearing 4 witnesses - .24

Swearing officer in jury - .06

Trying case – 1.00

Total - $5.05

Constable’s Fees

Serving warrant - $.50

Traveling fees - .30

Conveying prisoner to court - .25

Serving search warrant - .50

Making search - .50

Making delivery of sund. - .25

Taking charge of jury - .50

Boarding Prisoner – 1.00

Summoning jury - .75

4 witnesses fees, .35 each - $1.40

Jury – 3.00

Recapitulation, Etc.

Court fees - $5.05

Constable fees – 7.55

Jury and witnesses – 4.40

Fine – 10.00

Livery – 6.50

Grand total - $34.50

The figuring is not exactly according to Daball or Davis, nor the taxation legal as some understand the law, but both are verbatim et literatim as given by the Court.