Back In Time

30 Years Ago

JANUARY 7, 1986



Reed City – Ned Seath, Emergency Management director for Osceola County knows all about storm watches and warnings.

In the summer months, when tornado season blows its way into our lives, Seath’s there.

When winter storms roll in, Seath is also there.

“Fortunately,” Seath said, “winter storms give us better warning and we can get all settled in.”

Seath then outlined the various “winter weather words”:

Ice storm warning means that significant, possibly damaging, ice accumulations are expected.

Freezing rain means precipitation is expected to freeze when it hits exposed surfaces.

Heavy snow warning means that a snowfall of at least four inches in 12 hours or six inches in 24 hours is expected.

Blizzard warning means that considerable falling and/or blowing snow and winds of at least 35 mph are expected for several hours.

Severe blizzard warning means there should be considerable falling and/or blowing snow, winds of at least 45 mph and temperatures 10 degrees or lower for several hours.

High wind warning means that winds of at least 40 mph are expected to last at least one hour.

50 Years Ago

JANUARY 6, 1966



Steam Whistle, Smoke Bring

Memories to Old Train Lovers

Steam train buffs have been turning their ears toward the depot this week – and hearing an old time steam whistle as well as seeing a plume of smoke.

An Old C. & O steam crane has been on the job, repairing the railroad bridge, damaged when a beam came loose from a freight car and broke an upright. The upright was temporarily repaired by welding, but the track was slightly out of alignment, resulting in “slow orders” since.

The repair job proved to be extensive, necessitating driving piling to support the bridge while a complete repair job is being done.


-Mrs. Lurena McNeilly struck a deer while driving on M-66 one-half mile north of the Mecosta County line. She kept the animal.

-Delbert Owen wasn’t hurt Friday, after his car slid off the roadway 7 ½ miles south of Evart, going into the ditch and striking a small tree. Mr. Owen told State Police of the Reed City post that the road was slippery and that he had been having trouble getting his vehicle up a steep hill; that on the third try went off the road. He was not ticketed.

70 Years Ago

JANUARY 3, 1946


Rising Divorce Rates

The rising number of divorces granted in Michigan is a part of America’s moral slump, according to Murl H. DeFoe, editor of the Charlotte Republican–Tribune. Here’s a brief quotation:

“Religion was a one-time powerful force in counties like Eaton. Many rural churches went out with the automobile and two score or more others are only a memory with no comparable substitute to take their place. Fifty per cent (this, of course, is a guess but conservative, we believe) of the households that were represented in some church activity ten years ago no longer attend any church, a terrific loss to the moral stability and religious life of our community. Bowling has followed Sunday baseball and now pool rooms are open on Sunday, all of which represents a breakdown in a quality, once thought to be essential to the moral fiber of any people.

“Forty hour weeks, plus union labor threat of even fewer working hours, have made long weekend holidays popular, which in some degree, surely, is at the expense of church life. In other words religion is paying high tribute to recreation, much of which is of a doubtful physical value.”

90 Years Ago

JANUARY 8, 1926


The students in the County Normal are enjoying a week of examinations after the first half of the school year. They will now begin their practice teaching.

Miss Greenhoe has required Normal students this year to earn a teacher’s certificate in penmanship. Over one half of the class have finished the 175 lessons and have sent them in to the A. N. Palmer Co. and hope to receive their certificates very soon. The other half will soon have their lessons completed also.

Dr. J. W. Hoverter examined the pupils in the eighth and ninth grades Wednesday morning and will soon complete the examination of every pupil in the school, testing hearing, vision and examining throats for adenoids and tonsils.

Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock, representatives from seventy-six of the ninety-six school districts in Osceola County met for their annual school officers’ meeting in the school auditorium. Commission Heber and B. J. Ford, from the State Department, conducted this meeting. The students from the County Normal were present.

The day was very worthwhile in encouraging and helping those members from rural schools to take advantage of new opportunities and improve the work in their communities. Mrs. De Windt and F. A. Smiley gave interesting talks on the work the library and agriculture departments have done in the last year and their efforts in trying to cooperate with the rural schools in helping them.

110 Years Ago

JANUARY 4, 1906



In preparing Cranberries for cooking, remove all but the perfect berries. Wash carefully, and cook in enameled or porcelain lined utensils.

Standard Cranberry Sauce

1 Quart Cranberries

½ Pint Boiling Water

1 Pound Sugar

Cook rapidly in covered sauce pan for about ten minutes, shaking occasionally. When cool it is ready for the table.

It is well to bear in mind that the best results are obtained when the berries are cooked and served fresh. They may be prepared for the table in a great many ways, according to the taste of the cook, but the one distinctive method is in the form of CRANBERRY SAUCE. The flavor, which it lends to game of all kinds, is peculiar only to this fruit.

We are selling the celebrated brand – Peace Cape Cod Cranberries for just 12 cents per quart.


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130 Years Ago

JANUARY 1, 1886



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Mr. McWhinney, of Pontiac, is in town making arrangement to build a new house on his place in Sylvan.

Mr. Lawrence Homer and wife have a new ten pound son. Mr. Homer has decided to name him Christian Lawrence Homer.

Rev. Geo. Donaldson has been this week in attendance at a church meeting of the M. E. Church at Big Rapids.