Back In Time


Mrs. Anna Stipek, 1884

Andrew Ramey, 1889

Guy O. Boyd, 1886

Mrs. Maggie Lloyd, 1882

Max M. Leyder, 1887

Mrs. Pearl Rice, 1888

Thomas Pierson, Hersey, 1883

Mrs. Agnes McKay, Hersey, 1879

W. H. Lambert, 1881

Mrs. Bertha Ramey, 1889

30 Years Ago

APRIL 25, 1985


Reed City – close to 300 people attended the annual Farm Bureau Rural Urban Banquet Saturday at the Reed City High School. The banquet is an opportunity for all the local Farm Bureau groups to meet together, enjoy a delicious banquet, honor various individuals and hear a guest speaker.

Jeff Brandal, county president, made presentations. Yoplait USA received the Appreciation Award to local business.

Virgil Steinhoff was the recipient of the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award. The Steinhoff’s tree nursery has grown enough seedlings to plant over a million acres.

Rosemary Steig of Hersey was named the Outstanding Young Farm Woman of 1985. She and husband, Louis have a dairy herd of 25 Holstein cows.

Guest speaker was Frank Lipinski. Once a city boy, Frank is now a dairy farmer in Buckley and is widely involved with the promoting the nutritional value of dairy products.

50 Years Ago

APRIL 30, 1965


With the coming of summer, Mr. Ralph Hahn, Division Manager of Consumers Power Company’s Central Division, would like to remind all children and kite flying enthusiasts of the dangers inherent in this activity unless certain unsafe practices are avoided:

1. Always use dry string – not wire or anything metallic.

2. Always use wood and paper in your kite – not wire or metal.

3. Always fly your kite on days when there is no rain.

4. Always avoid busy streets and highways while flying your kite.

5. Always fly your kite away from TV and radio aerials.

6. Always keep away from fallen wires.

7. Always fly your kite far from electric or power lines.

8. Always call your power company if your kits gets snagged in power lines. Don’t pull string or climb power poles.

70 Years Ago

APRIL 26, 1945


Investigation Complete

One fact stands out in the findings of the Conservation Department in its investigation into the circumstances surrounding the 18 gun accidents involving minors during the 1944 hunting seasons – only six of them had received any training in the handling of guns from their fathers or guardians.

Before we turn a minor loose on the highway, at the wheel of a car, we verify his age; we check his knowledge of traffic laws and in many localities, make him prove his ability to drive by actual driving tests. Before we turn him loose in the woods with a high powered rifle, we ask, but do not verify, his age – nothing else.

Why not make a ‘certificate of ability’ in the handling of firearms a requisite before the FIRST hunting license is issued to any hunter, regardless of age? Only one such test would be required, for subsequent licenses could be issued with no more formality than the presentation of an old license to the issuing agency.

The certificates could be issued by the Conservation Department, the State Police or the Sheriff’s department in any county and the small amount of time required would be well repaid in any reduction of the number of hunting accidents. The test could include presentation of evidence of age as well as a demonstration of handling guns and a quiz on the safety precautions to be observed while hunting.

It’s worth thinking about.

90 Years Ago

APRIL 30, 1925


Miss Isabel Janicki, of North Bradley was the guest of Audrey McLachlan over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Smith are demonstrating for the LaChoy Food Products Co., this week at the Detroit Food Show which is being held at the Arena Gardens.

South Sylvan – Mr. and Mrs. David Bretz entertained the following guests Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Van Fleet, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dearing and Mr. Blackledge, of Marion.

LeRoy – A goodly number of neighbors and friends went to the home of Ansel Johnsen Saturday evening to remind him of his birthday.

Roy Moody and little Lyle Kneisel, who have been very sick with diphtheria, are very much better at this time.

Sears – Omar Huff, a one-time Sears boy, but for the past thirteen years of Colorado, is back here to make his home, having bought the old home place.

Marion – Harley Fisher, of Swartz Creek has rented the C. W. Graves farm and will move there in the near future.

Miss Margaret Whiteside was very pleasantly surprised Monday evening when a number of friends invited themselves to accompany her home and upon arrival took peaceful possession and served a delicious potluck supper.

110 Years Ago

APRIL 27, 1905


Miss Ethel Messecar, of Evart, was the guest of her friend, Miss Katie Riley, over Sunday.

Miss May Egger left Monday to spend a few weeks in the wholesale millinery houses of Detroit and Saginaw.

Rural carriers W. H. Allen and Star rural carrier Isaac Corman, have been sick this week. Their routes were taken by Charles Shore and S. L. Cole.

School – Mr. Jerome was at Hersey yesterday and today presiding at the county teacher’s examination.

School – Stacy Mansfield and Spencer Postal attended a meeting of the Northern Michigan Athletic Assoc. at Reed City today as delegates from the E. H. S. Athletic Association.

Route 3 – George Metz and Will Morgan are making quite a pretentious mill yard of Albert Sowles place.

North Sylvan – Last Friday evening a goodly number of neighbors gathered at the home of Mr. Hansen to help him celebrate his birthday anniversary.

130 Years Ago

APRIL 24, 1885


Miss Cora Allen closed a successful four month’s term of school in Dist. No. 5 last Friday.

John Cockerton, supervisor of Hartwick and prominent farmer in this locality was among our callers this week.

Ed Shaw has returned from Jonesville and has settled down to business again. He is making changes in the interior of his store which will add materially to the convenience and appearance of same.

Miss Belle Wait is visiting in New York State.

Robert Seath returned home from Portland, Mich., Monday.

C. F. Leasia will erect a brick building in the place of the Leasia House, recently burned.

Mrs. R. A. Quigley passed Wednesday and Thursday with her father, Hon. N. L. Gerrish, at Cadillac.

Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Southworth and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Gray returned from their New Orleans trip last week.