BACK IN TIME — April 12, 2017

50 Years Ago

APRIL 6, 1967



The Osceola County Historical Society meeting will be held in the Ashton Methodist Church, Tuesday, at 8 p.m.

One of the highlights of the evening will be the playing of “The Old Rugged Cross” on the dulcimer by Mr. Elgia Hickok accompanied by Mrs. George Bennard, widow of the author of the beloved hymn.

Mrs. W. E. Pyper is in charge of refreshments.

All persons who are interested in the history of Ashton and want to see and hear a dulcimer and jubaltone played will want to attend.

~ ~ ~



Mrs. Wilmer Kennedy will conduct the first of four classes on Christian Being and Doing, a study commentary based on James and I Peter, in the lounge of the Evart Community Methodist Church beginning next Wednesday and the following four consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

These classes are open to all who are interested in studying the urgency for mature discipleship in this crucial era in the life of the church, both men and women. Contact Mrs. Earl Gellett for the study book, if one is desired, and bring the New Testament to the class.

69 Years Ago

APRIL 9, 1947


The box social at Chippewa Grange Hall, Friday evening, was a success even though the attendance was not large due to weather. About thirty dollars was cleared which will be used towards rebuilding the kitchen. Twenty-seven Grange members were present.

The next meeting will be Friday evening, the last Friday of the month. Each family is to bring their own sandwiches for the potluck lunch which will be served after the meeting.

~ ~ ~


The Southeast Richmond Home Economics Club met at the home of Mrs. Stuart Oehrli on Thursday forenoon at 10:30. Nine members responded to roll call. Mrs. Allswede and Mrs. Ayne Johnson were visitors.

A potluck dinner was served at noon. An interesting lesson on “Health and Nutrition” was given by Mrs. Clarence Trimner.

The next meeting will be with Mrs. Clarence Trimner.

Mrs. George Klumpp, Secretary.

~ ~ ~



There are now 40 deaths from cancer in Michigan for every ten deaths from tuberculosis.

By a long constructive program of education, the rank of tuberculosis as a cause of death has been reduced from first to seventh place in Michigan.

90 Years Ago

APRIL 9, 1927


On Saturday last, Mrs. Mary Pepper, accompanied her son, Howard, on a motor trip to visit her sister, Mrs. Benjamin Mohr and family for a few weeks. Howard was returning to Grand Blanc where he is an instructor.

Guests in town this past week were Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerman and their son, Milton, of Waterloo, Ont., Canada, who arrived to be the guests of relatives, Albert Zimmerman and J. J. Finkbeiner and families.

Dale West spent the weekend with his friend Leeland Boker at his farm home.

County Clerk Johnson was in Lansing, Monday, attending a road meeting.

Simon Hughes returned from Gibbs City, U.P. last week to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes.

~ ~ ~


This little light house for the Master located at Brooks Corners hold forth to all the community a privilege of Christian Fellowship. The service for Sunday will be very interesting and helpful to all. Come and share our Christian fellowship.

Bible School at 2:00 p.m. James Brooks, superintendent.

Worship service at 3:00 p.m. with theme “Christ’s Guarantee.”

Prayer service Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. The increasing attendance of this meeting has been a real inspiration to all. If you want to experience the blessedness of brotherly love in Christian service avail yourself of the privilege of enjoying the blessing of this service. Thomas Cook, class leader.

110 Years Ago

APRIL 12, 1907



Miss E. L. Wallace, an expert telephone operator from Bellaire, is now employed at the Citizens Central. Her assistants are Miss Carrie Peters, of Evart Township, and Miss Florence Morehouse, of this village.

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Powell, of Canandaigua, N. Y., are visiting their cousin, J. J. Reed, of North Sylvan. Mr. Powell was here thirteen years ago and is much pleased at the improvements made here since that time.

The Young People’s Christian Union will hold its regular meeting at the Presbyterian Church next Sunday evening at six o’clock p.m. Topic – “How God’s Image is Preserved in us – or lost;” a temperance topic. Leader, Mrs. Braley. There will also be refreshments served to those in attendance.

~ ~ ~



To have beautiful, perfect, pink, velvet-like lips, apply at bedtime a light coating of Dr. Shoop’s Green Salve. Then, next morning, notice carefully the effect.

Dry, cracked or colorless lips mean feverishness, and are as well ill appearing. Dr. Shoop’s Green Salve is a soft, creamy, healing ointment that will quickly correct any skin blemish or ailment.

Get a free trial box at most drug stores and be convinced. Large, Glass Jars, 25 cents. All Dealers.

130 Years Ago

APRIL 15, 1887



The Undersigned wish to announce to the people of Osceola and adjoining counties that they have to offer for sale at this time a general line of Nursery Stock, all thrifty and well grown, at their Nurseries two miles east of Sears.

Call and see us at the Nursery, or address us at Sears.

Martin & Martin

~ ~ ~


We cannot too strongly urge upon our readers the necessity of subscribing for a family weekly newspaper of the first class – such, for instance, as The Independent, of New York.

Were we obliged to select one publication for habitual and careful reading to the exclusion of all others, we should choose, unhesitatingly, The Independent.

It is a newspaper, magazine, and review, all in one. It is a religious, a literary, an agricultural, a financial, and a political paper combined.

It has 32 folio pages and 21 departments. No matter what the age, sex, employment or condition may be, The Independent will prove a help, an instructor, and an educator.

Our readers can do no less than to send a postal for a free specimen copy, or for thirty cents the paper will be sent for a month, enabling one to judge of its merits more critically. Its yearly subscription is $3.00, or two years for $5.00.

Address, The Independent, 251 Broadway, New York City.