40 Years Ago

JUNE 3, 1976



At the monthly pack meeting, held Thursday, Den 6 presented the colors, Den 4 and Den 8 had sparklers, Den 2 and Den 3 had skits, Den 5 and Den 6 had games. Refreshments were served by Webelos Dens 1, 2 and 3.

Awards presented were: Bobcat Badge – Sam Knoop, Mark Coaster, Bradley Slywka, and Jeffrey Burke. Wolf Badge – Terry Holmes. Gold Arrow for Wolf Badge – Terry Holmes. Silver Arrow for Wolf Badge – Terry Holmes received 2, James Pennington received 1. Bear Badge – Terry Holmes. Silver Arrow for Bear Badge – Terry Holmes received 2, David Roush received 2, and Kevin Elenich received 1.

Webelos Awards: Den 1 – Mark Greenfield, Engineer Award; Kevin Elenich, Citizen Award; Darrell Butcher, Engineer Award; Michael Battle, Athlete Award.

Kevin Elenich was presented the Arrow of Light by Leader Hugh Warner. Kevin presented his mother with the Arrow of Light pin.

Webelos colors were presented to Raymond Whitman, Rick Roggow and Lonnie Giese. These boys will now be in Webelos Den 3.

60 Years Ago

JUNE 7, 1956



State Treasurer Sanford A. Brown will be the main speaker at a Democratic Rally a week from Friday in the Barryton Legion Hall.

Brown will talk on the present agricultural problems confronting the small farmer. His talk will be followed by an open discussion during which Mr. Brown will welcome any questions.

Anyone wishing transportation please call Rohen’s service station.



Sunday morning the Methodist Church at Sears observed the final payment on their debt by the burning of the mortgage.

Mrs. Carrie Dodt, being one of the oldest members and a faithful worker in the church, did the burning. She was assisted by Jesse Smith. The W.S.C.S. was given much credit for their part in making the payments possible, also the church members and many others of the community who are not members.

The building of a new entrance and a full basement was started in 1950 after a small fire had burned some of the floor. This happened when Rev. Mrs. William Garchow of Clare was pastor. With her advice and encouragement the building program was started.

The members of the church are truly grateful and thank each and every one who helped in any way.

80 Years Ago

JUNE 4, 1936



An all-county music program in the fall is the aim of the four music teachers of Osceola County’s high schools; it was disclosed at a meeting in Reed City last week.

Miss Mabel Barrit, of Evart, Miss Dorothy Day, of LeRoy, and Miss Anabel Gangnath, of Marion, with Warren Ketcham, of Reed City, all music directors in their respective schools, will comprise the heads of the organization. Each will work with the teachers of the rural schools in their section of the county.

Plans call for the formation of all-county choruses among the grade children of the village schools as well as among the rural schools.

WORK ON 66, 10


Work on the widening and grading of the roadbed of M-66 is proceeding as rapidly as possible, considering rainy and inclement weather, with some 300 WPA workers employed at intervals along the route.

A crew of 100 men are engaged in clearing and grading right-of-way on U.S. 10 east of Brooks Corners as far as the county line.

As provided in the WPA set-up, hand labor is being used almost exclusively, only the trucks and teams absolutely necessary being used on the projects.

100 Years Ago

JUNE 2, 1916


Messrs. Davy, Glerum and Brandeberry were at LeRoy Wednesday, to look over the affairs of the bank at that place.

Gerald Reed and family, of Brodhead, Colorado, are in the area visiting relatives and friends. Mr. Reed and his wife are former residents of this vicinity. The children were all born after they removed to Colorado.


He was born into wealth, but he knew the value of thrift and practiced it. Ready money wisely invested made him an international financier and ready money enabled him to save the country from possible panics in the late seventies and in 1907 by control of financial resources.

Ready money will be just as valuable to you as it was to Morgan if you hope to enjoy prosperity and comfort and be free of debt worries. Be ready to face the future courageously and cheerfully, no matter what fate decrees – be it sunshine or sorrow.

Stop in today and start an account with us and add to it from every pay envelope you get. Funds increase and strengthen a man’s “backbone.”


Evart   -   Michigan

120 Years Ago

JUNE 5, 1896



Some of our young people teaching in the rural districts are counting the remaining days on their fingers.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Arndt, of Marion, were in town Monday to consult Dr. Bates in regard to ear and eye difficulties.

Hon. J. J. Fanning, Chair of the State Prohibition Committee, will speak at the Music Hall tonight. Subject, “The Patriotic Ballot.”


The study of the wasp, its habits, its affectionate way of greeting one, etc., is one of the important subjects that is occupying the minds of the fourth grade pupils at present.

It has been decided and announced that Rev. Mr. Bolt will deliver the Baccalaureate sermon this year.

Our hearts swell with pity as we see the Seniors filing wearily to their places, with midnight oil dripping from their ambrosial ringlets, but in our interest in their welfare we would say that they have somewhat mistaken the use of this important unguent. It is not intended for hair vigor, neither should it be taken internally except in small quantities and as it is rarely used except as a mental lubricant, their consuming such enormous amounts of it seems not only extravagant but unnecessary.

140 Years Ago

JUNE 3, 1876


O. M. Brownson and wife left Tuesday for an extended visit in Kansas and places west.

A social will be held next Friday evening at the Presbyterian Hall, Elston block. Select readings by Dr. J. M. Wilkinson and Charles Ball and vocal music will be part of the entertainment.

Alfred Logan suffered a severe cut to his leg Tuesday while splitting wood at his home. He said his axe hit a knot and careened off into his left leg, cutting him badly. He will be laid up for some time but will likely keep his leg.

It is good to see our young county is blossoming not only with wild flowers of many varieties but with towns and people as well, with several new communities seeming to spring up at any given time.