'Unidentified issue' causes gas leak in Reed City

REED CITY — Officials in Reed City are unsure what caused an early morning gas leak in Reed City on June 29.

At about 2:45 a.m., an issue occurred with a city gas line near 220th Avenue and 3 Mile Road, causing a loud roar throughout the area. City utility crews and emergency responders were contacted and able to resolve the problem after about an hour, according to Osceola County Emergency Management Director Mark Watkins.

An ‘all clear’ message was issued at 3:57 a.m. as field emergency services cleared the scene.

Ron Howell, Reed City manager, said he is unaware of what caused the leak, but had not been advised of any suspicious activity which could have caused the situation.

Emergency crews were alerted and performed as needed, and residents had no problems with individual gas lines.

"The important thing is no one was hurt," Howell said.

Watkins recommends families and residents have an emergency plan in place, even if they are unaware of what exactly is occurring in the community. After safety is assured, individuals should seek out additional information about the situation.