Senior radio program starts April 29

OSCEOLA COUNTY – Seniors in Osceola County will soon have their very own “Senior Moment.”

Osceola County Commission on Aging’s new weekly radio program, aimed at informing seniors about services in the area, will air on WATT AM 1240 beginning April 29.

The program will be every Sunday from noon to 1 p.m and will include information about events, news and topics relevant to those over 60.

Hosted by OCCOA director Scott Schryer, the program on the Cadillac-based station will reach seniors in Wexford, Missaukee and Osceola counties.

“There are many different activities just for seniors, but nobody knows about them,” Schryer said.

The station will include speakers from leaders within the three counties, potentially including state officials to discuss issues such as the recent proposal to repeal the Personal Property Tax.

“We’re not trying to be political. We simply just want to get information and programs out to people. That’s what this whole thing is about,” Schryer said.

Reed City resident Pete Merklinger,72, said he would enjoy listening to the program geared toward his age group.

“It will be interesting to hear what they have to say,” Merklinger said.

He and his wife, Marcia, 65, said they plan to listen to the program when it starts.

“I think I’d like listening to that,” Marcia said.

The program has been in the works for nine months. A recent agreement with sponsors of Bell Oaks Retirement Living Center, Bella Rose Rehabilitation and Aquatic Services and Lake to Lake transportation was the last piece of the puzzle.

“During the show, the only commercials you’ll hear will be from those companies,” Schryer said.

The idea came from an individual who was moving to the area. The new resident was given pamphlets and brochures about local senior programs, but was overwhelmed with trying to remember the details all at once.

“He said it would be nice if we could get this information out a lot easier,” Shryer said.

Schryer began to investigate starting a radio program and found many organizations interested in communicating their events and activities to a collective audience of seniors. He hopes the radio show will unite seniors across all three counties by informing them about other services in other counties.

Along with talk and information about the program, Schryer will host his own session at the end of each hour similar to Andy Rooney’s segment on 60 Minutes. He will discuss items of interest such as transportation for seniors, seasonal health activities, and other senior topics.

“The more we can get that word out, the more people we can get engaged in social activities and we can keep those people healthy,” Schryer said.

Listeners will hear information about Hospice of Michigan, Carelink, assisted living, local blood drives, fundraisers and many more organizations.

Anyone with suggestions for topics or events to feature on the program can call Schryer at (231) 734-6002.