SVSU honors student Haley Ludviksen

By J.J. Boehm

Saginaw Valley State University

SAGINAW — Haley Ludviksen, of Tustin, was among 42 Saginaw Valley State University honors students who presented during a poster session Friday, Dec. 5.

Honors students organized into 12 groups, each researching topics such as genetics, medicine, psychological disorders and visual literacy. Then each group presented their findings during a public hallway poster session.

Ludviksen, a professional technical writing major, worked on the project titled "The Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Mental Health" with fellow honors students Greg Bujouves, Jessie Klisz and Gavin Knake.

The project was part of Ludviksen's class taught by Julie Lynch, SVSU associate professor of psychology.

SVSU's Honors Program comprises curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities for academically talented students. The initiative allows students to pursue their degrees while experiencing honors courses, seminars, research projects and social activities.

Honors students often are selected for awards at SVSU and generally continue their studies in graduate school.

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