Resale store to give growth to community

REED CITY – Giving back to the local community is at the heart of the INC Spot’s values.

Next week, the store will give customers a gift they can enjoy for years to come.

The store will pass out 500 blue spruce trees to community members on April 27 and 28 in celebration of Arbor Day.

“We tried to figure out something to do each month (for the community),” said INC Spot manager Brenda Bowman. “Trees produce so much oxygen and they’re so good for the environment.”

The store has given the trees away for the past three years. Bowman said it’s not uncommon for customers to return with updates of how large their trees are growing.

“We’ve had people come by and say that they planted them with their grandchildren and they watch them grow,” said INC Spot regular volunteer Christy Wilson.

Reed City resident Vickie Hall picked up three trees with her family from the store last year and planted them in her yard.

“It’s important to replace our natural resources, and they’re so beautiful,” Hall said.

The trees were four inches when she planted them and have grown an additional four inches over the past year.

The store purchases the seedlings from the Osceola-Lake Conservation District, which will sell around 150,000 seedlings to businesses and landowners in the month of April. The district receives the seedlings

in large quantities from local nurseries in the region and separates them into smaller bundles before distributing them for the public to pick up.

“Tree planting is one of the better activities we can do for the environment,” said district forester Rick Lucas. “You can watch the tree change from year to year and it’s a way you can leave a good footprint on the earth.”

Lucas said the seedling sale is one of the District’s largest fundraisers. The majority of the customers are private citizens who plant the trees on their property, but some business also purchase the seedlings.

The INC Spot is one of the only purchasing customers who give the seedlings away for free, he said.

“We like to give things away,” Wilson said.

The store will be open Friday, April 27 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, April 28 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Customers are allowed one tree each, until the end of the day on Saturday when members can have additional remaining trees.