Reflections: Time for bluebirds to make long-awaited return

I am still waiting for my bluebirds to show up.

If you have them, please give them directions.

Their house is waiting.

Actually not!

Last year the bluebirds moved into our house. Between the walls, actually. With the help of a woodpecker, actually.

This year I could hardly wait for the bluebirds to come back. Now, understand my husband last year decided to close up the bluebird apartment house. Especially since the woodpecker that helped remodel our house on the east side for the bluebirds had earlier remodeled the north side for his own little family.

That time I kept chasing him away. Not my husband. The woodpecker. Finally, that big ol’ bird managed to get inside a bit, and was looking out to see if I was looking back at he who was looking back at me. I’m talking about the woodpecker, not my husband.

After I thought I chased the bird away for a final time, I discovered when I rounded the house the next day, all of the pink insulation was adorning the bushes and clumped on top of the grass. Needless to say, the woodpecker received an eviction notice and his door was boarded shut.

Now, about those bluebirds. Seems the theory that bluebirds who were happy where they lived the year before would return to the same location. Apparently, if they did they were disappointed to find out their spot between the walls now had a birdhouse attached to the front of it.

Not one bird has moved in. I need to get brave enough to climb a ladder high enough to retrieve the birdhouse so maybe, just maybe, my bluebirds will be back to their happy little home.

But. In the meantime, the birds showing up out front are absolutely wonderful. My hubby has been busy keeping them fed while I perch in the living room window snapping pictures like crazy. There are at least four orioles, and at least two pairs of red-breasted grosbecks, tons of sparrows and finches and all sizes of woodpeckers, except the pleated.

He hasn’t been back since about the middle of winter. Come to think about it, wasn’t there a rerun just a couple weeks ago? Winter, that is.

Anyway, the birds have been wonderful. We’ve seen all of those types of birds in the past, but never constantly like they have been the past few days.

We’ve also had an abundance of swallows, but no hummingbirds or spelling bees. With that, until next week, this is Bertha Birdwatcher flitting off, humming as I go, “Gonna find me a bluebird …”