Reflections: Staying busy is easy this time of year

Ever have one of those weeks? You know the kind. When you feel as though if you slow down a tad you’ll never get moving again? Or if you hurry up a tad faster you’re apt to trip over yourself trying to pass.

It was one of those weeks. Too many things to do and too few of me to get them done.

This week feels similar to that one. Unfortunately, it’s not too far underway. I’m finishing this up at nearly 2 a.m. Monday morning.

Ah, yes. I have several stories in the planning stages. Several with info already collected but a long way from connected.

I had plans to go away for Easter, and they have been rerouted. I’m doing dinner here at home, and at the moment my calendar looks as though I’ll be able to grocery shop for it along about the Tuesday after.

But you know what? Some of getting behind the past few days has been a bit wonderful.

I got out on some great stories, met some wonderful people, and really enjoyed being out and about. Not only that, but I got to talk to some of our kids and grandkids in the past few days.

One of the little guys was riding an Easter train when his mama texted me, another couple of little grandgirls are getting ready to go on vacation with their daddy to Florida, and on Saturday evening hubby and I were invited to meet up with a son and daughter and five grandboys at church in Evart.

Then we all went out for a bite to eat.

And a few days before that another grandson had artwork on display at a museum in Muskegon, and needless to say we drove over to see it. And him. And his brother. And his mom.

So busy, yes, but wonderful nonetheless.

I keep thinking I’m going to take time out some day or scrounge up enough time to finish sorting and pitching. Clear the house. Clean the house. And I’m going to finish some projects. A counted cross stitch. Start a book. Write a book. Finish a book. Stay awake long enough to read a book.

I keep thinking I’m going to draw a picture, paint a picture, do some scrapbooking, put photos in albums, buy some albums, plant some flowers, and then it snows. Shovel some snow, and then it melts. Water the flowers and then it rains.

Know what I mean?

So if you think this is a relatively short and rambling column, you’re right on at least one count. Well, both. It’s short and rambling.

And so it is. I’m signing off. Thanking you for listening, uh, reading, and heading for bed, so I can get up and get this off to work first thing in the morning so I can hurry home and go back to bed.

Then I won’t be able to get back to sleep, so. There. So there. Done. Zzzzzzz.