REFLECTIONS: Time for winter pondering and wandering

Seems like a good time for ponderings and wanderings, just a bit, what with being a bit under the weather and getting a helping of weather over the weekend not destined to lift spirits.

However, when I looked out the window, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but my snow-covered hubby, my honey, oh dear!

I thought to myself, “Self. That’s either Young Man Winter (daresn’t say the usual correlation, dares’t I!), or one man morphing into a snowman before your very eyes!

Then another thought whispered, “aintcha glad he’s had his flu shot!”

A bit later, he came inside, and just sort of dropped, dripped, and thawed. I just grinned.

I don’t think his lips could move enough to grin back. He actually had ice pellets snagged into his eyebrows.

Looked like piercings.

He thought he might want to go for coffee. I thought he might want to wait.

But he brightened my spirits and I pondered a bit, thinking how cold he must be. I didn’t want to touch him to find out. I preferred to just guess.

Then, when the sun suddenly went back to shining, I bundled up and went out. Decided I needed to get in some pondering and wandering. Hadn’t done that in a bit. You know what I mean. Just sort of go out and about, wander here, ponder there. Take a picture of this. Think about that.

And so it was, I pondered and wandered, and the snow-covered trees quickly became camerafied. That’s a word I just made up. It’s a fitting one, I might add. I could have just looked at the trees and thought wow, or I could take a picture with my handy-dandy camera, and once they were camerafied, I could see them again and again.

Maybe have them printed into a poster and put into a beautiful frame and placed up on the wall. Now, in nearly 48 years of newspaper work, I’ve pondered and wandered a lot. Camerafied much. In fact, I won my very first camera in about second grade and have been taking pictures ever since.

Can’t remember what it was we were selling to raise funds for something, but I took first place and won a little square, probably a Brownie camera. Let me tell you, I was a proud little girl. I was just awesome. Personal opinion, mind you.

I have taken thousands of pictures over the years. Did most of my own darkroom work for many years in journalism, and my kids loved to help so they could watch pictures just magically appear on a blank piece of photo paper. I still think it was cool, but I doubt I’d want to spend all that time getting the chemicals ready, doing the work, and cleaning up afterward again. The processes now is much quicker. Less smelly, less costly, and you can see the pictures when you get near a computer.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures end up living in the computer. I forget they are there. Then when I stumble across a neat one looking for something else, I’ll be surprised to see it. Wonder who took it. The he or the me.

Ah, yes. The adventure of having a scoop of time on my hands, heaven sent for a dose of pondering and wandering.