REFLECTIONS: The perfect winter for a snowblower

This nice weather over the last few days has been brought to you through the courtesy of my husband. On Thursday, Jan. 5, I was out of town.

He went shopping.

He checked prices on a few things. Here and there.

One of those things was a snowblower.

After checking here, then there, he discovered he could return home, exchange the car for the truck, go back there, and save a buck. One dollar. Ha.

What about the gas to take the gas-burning truck the extra miles from here to there and back again.

Not. So he bought a snowblower locally. For just one dollar more. YES!

And, you know what? We’ve been doing more and more of that.

It’s good to know that “here” is not only comparable, but even beating some of the prices a few miles away. Time and again. And we are among those who like it a lot.

We especially like the fact that on a big item such as a snowblower, there’s only a dollar’s difference.

The car we got back nearly a year ago was comparable. Maybe. We didn’t look elsewhere. Knew what we wanted when we saw it and got it. Here.

Still shop for some things “there,” but those are primarily the things we can’t get here. And when we’re visiting “there,” it makes sense to buy then, not when again.

I’m getting better at that. Maybe it’s my age. I like staying home more.

Or maybe it’s my job. I’m too tired to go anywhere once I do get home.

But the snowblower? Actually, it had my blessing.

He didn’t surprise me when I got home that day last week.

I believe I suggested it. “Before we have another big snow,” I think I said.

Now, understand we have a son and a son-in-law who are wonderful about plowing us out after a big snowstorm.

But last winter, that one big snowstorm dumped a whole lot of snow right on our house apparently. My hubby went out to shovel a path to the car and came back in. Told me to “come out and look at this.”

We went out into the breezeway. He opened the door.

The snow was about belly-high, and had the imprint embedded right into of the X pattern from the door.

We’re ready this year. We have the snow blower now.

Parked in the breezeway, just in case.

So, if you happen to see my hubby somewhere having coffee, be sure to thank him for all the nice weather we’ve been having lately.

I wonder. If he buys a new mower come summer, will the grass stay short?

Or, let’s see now …