REFLECTIONS: Taking note of the sights and sounds of nature

The silence in the twilight seemed nearly to scream out, rest. Be still.

As I watched one day end and night creep ever so closely as though not wishing one to notice it was relentlessly seeking another day, the birds quieted. The butterflies flitting about simply disappeared. And to where? I have no thought.

The color in the trees gave way to shadows. Began blending into a darkening sky as night came and the world hushed and daylight snuck away behind me.

My pulse slowed. My thoughts too. My very pace. It was enough to do nothing. It was good to just be.

I watched for a deer to pass by or another bird to fly. Saw not one. No seeking for shelter in the woods, hoping to elude another night’s screaming of coyotes, all but destroying the midnight darkness it felt so many nights. Most nights. Perhaps they sensed no need to hide deep in the woods this night. Or, perchance they snuck off early to rest and be at peace.

The moon was behind a cloud to the east. The sun sneaking out of sight playing tag with a cloud to the west, a tree standing sentry. Just watching it all, I stood, and watched. Waited. Wondered. Wowed. Quietly just wowed.

I stood among the blessings. Those we often do not notice. Take for granted. And yet they are all.

It’s time to take time. While there is time. This is your time. Too.