Pine River works toward four new goals

By Pine River Area Schools

At its regularly scheduled March meeting, the Pine River Area School board adopted four goals to work towards until June 30, 2016. The board worked with Michigan Leadership Institute’s Scott Crosby in the development of the goals over a two-month period which included public board workshops and an administrative team meeting.

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals were developed by the administrative team in support of the broader Board goals.

“The process of brainstorming and developing board goals on through to the detailed analysis and development of SMART goals to support the board goals was professional and thought-provoking," said Superintendent Matt Lukshaitis. "I believe that both the board and the administrative team treated the process with respect and a desire to improve the success of all students at Pine River.”

The four goals are as follows:

  • The district will ensure that facilities are well maintained and provide for a safe and appropriate educational environment for our students and community members;
  • The district will ensure that overall student achievement will improve each year over the previous year beginning the 2015-16 school year;
  • The district is committed to ensuring that a quality educational program is provided for all students while maintaining long term financial stability; and
  • The district is committed to increasing awareness of opportunities for students and the community that are available at Pine River Area Schools.

“The goals, along with the mission and vision statements of the board, will be used to guide the decision-making process," Lukshaitis added. "These have always been the drivers of the board, but articulating these goals in words helps everyone understand what is important to us at Pine River.”

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