Pastor's Pen: When Life Divides

The other week I watched as 25 Junior High Boys attempted to stand up.

They were in a seated position, back-to-back. The task was to stand up together without hands, elbows or knees touching the ground. There were many differing opinions on how it should be done, which led to several disgruntled guys and some negative attitudes.

It didn’t end very well.

Later on a group of those same guys were attempting to fit themselves onto a tarp. At first it was easy, but as the tarp became smaller the disunity became larger. There were some who were certain it could be done, others who had their own ideas and some were certain it was impossible.

The task was left incomplete.

As I watched those young men attempt each task in disunity it made me think about how we react when things appear impossible or life becomes difficult. We blame each other. We blame God. We come up with ideas and get mad when others have a different idea.

We divide. But what should we do?

Perhaps we should remember where to look for help.

Psalm 121 begins this way, “I lift my eyes to the hills — where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

When life is tough and everyone is disgruntled, rather than breaking apart; call everyone together and spend time in prayer. Perhaps God simply wants you to spend some time remembering who truly provides the help you need.