Pastor’s Pen: Trouble at work

I once knew a man who worked in place where few others cared about the Lord. They would lie, cheat and bribe their way to the top. But this man did not. He was honorable. He loved God and lived only to please Him. This man was very intelligent and quickly “climbed the ladder of success” so to speak.

One day his superior noticed how this man worked hard and made such wise decisions. The superior desired to promote this man even further. There were, however, those that did not care to see him promoted. You see, this man was not from their town. He was not even from their country, yet he was getting promoted while they were getting slighted.

They decided to catch this man in some underhanded move. They carefully observed everything he did looking for a small lie, a minor theft or some hidden affair. They found nothing. They researched his past. There was certain to be an unscrupulous deal or bribe. Yet in all their hours of searching they found nothing. The only sure fact about this man was that he loved his God and would do only what pleased him.

They concocted a different plan. They went to their superior and had a rule put in place concerning prayer. They knew this man loved his God to much to forego praying to Him. And they were right. Immediately after learning of the new rule, the man got on his knees and gave thanks to God. They had him trapped. The man was doomed. By the end of that day, a man of great wisdom and power would lose it all because he decided to “obey His God rather than men.”

What would you have done? The temptation to save your job would have been great. Would you have given in or followed God?

Daniel didn’t fight the government, complain of the situation, seek revenge on his enemies or blame God. He simply trusted God and continued to serve Him. The lesson is simple: Obey God no matter what.