Pastor’s Pen: The fastest way out

This past weekend a few of us took a trip to Chicago for a conference on sharing Christ and committing to the cause. Afterwards, we loaded into the church van for the trip home. I plugged in the GPS and listened as it gave precise directions. As we went along we came upon a highway that was going to take us right through Chicago. It was very busy and we had to travel the entire length of the road. Movement was steady, but slow.

Then we had to make a decision. Go to the right where there were four lanes and have the option to exit anywhere along the way or go to the left where there were two lanes and a barrier to prevent anyone from exiting. The lanes to the right were obviously the most popular. Many people went that way. The lanes to the left were not nearly as congested.

Since we wouldn’t have any need to exit, we went to the left. The van zipped through the city at a much faster pace. As we looked over the barrier to the right, there was stop-and-go traffic with a lot more stopping than going. We excitedly drove by them all as we made our way to the front of the pack.

We could have followed the crowd on Saturday and went to the right … and we may still be sitting in a van in Chicago. But we knew where we were headed. We were on our way out of Chicago and onto Evart. We weren’t looking to spend our efforts reading road signs or taking side trips. There was definite focus.

Our focus in Chicago was the quickest way out. Because of that focus, we chose not to stop to see the Sears Tower, Navy Pier or Wrigley Field. Our choices made it clear that we were looking to get back to Evart as soon as possible.

Look at your choices over the last week and month. According to those choices, what is your focus?

Is that what God desires it to be?