Pastor’s Pen: Running like clockwork

This past Sunday one of our adult leaders was talking about a friend of his who could fix clocks. Many times he would fix a clock by simply taking the gears out, cleaning them, and putting them back in again. It sounds simple enough, but you must know just how to do it.

Another leader said he fixed a clock once. He took it apart and couldn’t get it back together. He said, “I fixed it alright … so it would never run again.”

It’s amazing how all those gears in a clock go together. If you put them inside in just the right way, everything works together like … well, like clockwork.

The Bible is the same way. It all goes together. I can’t recall how many times I’ll teach a lesson in youth group and refer back to pastor’s sermon that morning. Neither lesson was planned together nor from the same passage, but they compliment one another.

I was in the church nursery on Sunday morning with little Parker. We started to look through a kid’s Bible book together. We didn’t read it, but looked at each picture.

“That’s Adam and Eve. Sin came into the world through them so we need to be saved.”

“That’s Noah. God used him to save the animals and enough people to replenish the earth.”

“This is Moses as a baby. God would use him to save Israel from the Egyptians.”

“And that’s David. God used him to save Israel from Goliath and he later became king and would save Israel from other enemies. Jesus came through him.”

“Look at the lions, Parker. Daniel is there. God saved Daniel from the lions.”

“Wow! See that fish. God used a fish like that one to save Jonah from drowning.”

“That baby is baby Jesus. He came from God and is God. He came to die on a cross and save us from our sins.”

Salvation. It’s all through the Bible. God’s working out His story … just like clockwork.