Pastor’s Pen: Remember the lamb this Passion Week

Each year, near the end of the school year, I put together a DVD of the activities the youth group has done since the beginning of the previous summer.

It’s fun to look back and review the pictures and videos.  Some are funny and make you laugh, some bring back memories of students who have moved away and others cause you to reflect and appreciate the growth in various students and myself.

Looking back provides us with lessons for the journey ahead and encouragement to continue going.

This is Passion Week and, when Christ went through it over 2,000 years ago, it was also a week of remembrance.

The Jews were celebrating Passover and remembering God’s faithfulness to His people by freeing them from the slavery of the Egyptians.  They remembered how their ancestors had taken lambs, slaughtered them and spread the blood on the doorway so the Lord would pass over their household when slaughtering the first born (Exodus 11-12).

Passover encouraged the Jews to continue following the one true God and an opportunity for fathers to teach their children about the past.  They could then remind them that they still serve that same powerful and faithful God.

This is also a week of remembrance for Christ-followers.

We remember “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” (John 1:29).  His body was beaten and His blood was shed.  It was done so you and I would be passed over when judgment comes.

If you accept Christ as your Savior then the Bible says you will be justified (Acts 13:38-39).

That means God will look down and no longer see the sin in your life.  He will see the One who died for your sin.  The penalty will have been paid.  It was at a high price.  The Son of God took on a human body that could experience pain.  He went from being worshipped to being rejected.  He went from glory to suffering.

This Passion Week take time to remember.  Remember what Christ did and, fathers, take time to teach your children.

Teach them that Christ is God and encourage them to stand firm in the faith.

When they want to give into sin, tell them to remember what Christ did and that He is powerful enough to see them through.

May His sacrifice to serve the Father and save you encourage you in your sacrifice to serve Him.