I remember my first fishing trip to Canada.

It was about five years ago now. Mark was convinced I needed to go. I was convinced that I would rather stay in nice hotel than tramp my way through the woods in some remote area of the world.

But with several others going I figured it may be good for me to go along and get to know some men in our church a little better.

As the day to leave approached, I became more and more uncertain of my decision. What kind of cabin was it? Would I have to use the bathroom outside with the bears? Would I get frostbite in the freezing cold?

What would we do in the down time with no TV or internet or phone? What if I fell out of the boat? Would I die immediately or would it be a slow painfully cold death?

The questions mounted and it seemed more and more like a terrible idea.

But off I went. I hopped in the truck and road for hours and hours and hours, so it seemed. We finally arrived and it looked like a great cabin.

A friend loaned me a pole and we went out into the water. It was windy that first day. Ken and I were in a little boat that couldn’t even motor through the waves. We were towed up the lake and drifted back to the dock.

Ken said, “This is good walleye chop,” whatever that meant.

It just seemed like a really bad idea to fish in this weather. But as we drifted and let out line, I felt a tug. It was only slight, but there it was. I pulled back and began to reel.

He finally came in and, as I think back, I’m not sure who became more hooked that day; the walleye on the end of my line or me.

Since then, I’m probably more excited to take a trip to Canada each year than any of the other men in our church.

Isn’t that how heaven should be for us? Paul said this in Philippians 1:23, “But I am hard pressed between the two. My yearning desire is to depart (to be free of this world, to set forth) and be with Christ, for that is far, far better.” (Amplified)

Recognize that, for those who trust in Christ, what is to come is better than what is now. Live in light of that fact.