Pastor's Pen: One senior year

I was subbing at the school and had a class made up mainly of seniors. They kept talking about the last year of football, the last dance and the last chance to make the most of their school experience. They knew they would have only one senior year of high school. They could never go back and re-do it. They wanted to experience everything this year had to offer.

The same is true with our own lives. We each recognize that we had only one senior year of high school; but we also had only one junior year, one sophomore year, etc. Later, we had only one year where we turned 22 or 34 or 59. We can’t go back and re-live those over again. What we did with those years is in the record books for all eternity.

2013 is now passed. You had your opportunity to live that year. You can’t change the past, but you can look to the future. We are now onto 2014. You have only one chance to live this year ... one chance to live each month in this year, each week and each day. You can’t do it over again. The choices you made are etched in stone. That can sound sad, and it may be; but it also highlights the value we must place on each and every day. This day, no matter if it’s a regular work day, a new experience or a day of rest; is a day that will never return. This day is of great importance and is another day in which God gives you the opportunity to live for Christ.

Paul, while looking ahead to the glory to come, said in 2 Corinthians 5:9, "So we make it our goal to please Him (the Lord)." That should be your daily goal. Every day you have that one 24-hour period which will never be repeated. God’s desire is that you value every day so much that you always make it your goal to please the Lord.

Each senior out there has goals for this year. Some want to have the best sports season ever, others want excellent grades for their transcripts, some desire memories with friends and others just want to get their diploma and get out. But each one has goals for a year that will never be re-lived.

What about you? What are your goals for 2014? … For it’s also a year that can never be re-lived.