Pastor's Pen: On company time

While in high school I had various summer jobs. One summer I worked as a bellman at a hotel, which was located right on the beach. I stood by the door opening it for guests, carrying up their bags and delivering newspapers and mail to their rooms.

That isn’t really a difficult job, but it was a hot one. I would have to come to work each day dressed in long black pants, black shoes, a tuxedo shirt, suspenders and bow tie. I’m not particularly fond of dressing up to begin with, but it’s even worse on a 90 degree day with 95% humidity.

After work, I was quick to change into something more appropriate for the weather.

While at work many of us wear or do something different than we would when we’re not at work. Maybe it’s dressing up or wearing a uniform. Maybe you wouldn’t normally hang out in factory on your free time or cut as many lawns as possible in a ten hour period of time.

But the fact is that while at work we belong to someone else. What we do during that time is dictated by our supervisor. They determine what we must wear and what we must do and which activities we cannot do.

But isn’t this the same with all of life? We like to quote Bon Jovi saying, “It’s my life,” but in reality it isn’t. This isn’t my life or my time.

If I claim to be a follower of Christ then I have given everything over to Him. Each task I do, each site I go to, each moment I live belongs to God alone.

I am merely a vessel that belongs to Him and must constantly ask, “If Christ was living out my life right now, what would He do?”

If I keep that in the forefront of my mind then life will be much more peaceful. If someone asks why I did that I can simply state, “Because that’s what Christ would do.”

What would Christ do and say if He was living out your life today? Pray for that answer and follow it.