Pastor’s Pen: Not in my life

The basketball season began two months ago, but there are still plenty of last second baskets, slam dunks, aggressive defensive plays and rejections yet to go.  A close game is always a lot of fun to watch and slam dunks are great for getting a crowd going, but nothing garners attention like a guy going up for a sure thing and getting the ball jammed right back in his face or, better yet, slapped deep into a crowd of highly impressed fans.

It’s called a rejection.  The ball is not allowed anywhere near the net when that guy’s on duty.

There’s something else that’s supposed to be ‘rejected’.  The Bible tells us that, if we are followers of God’s Word, we will reject any form of sin.  Psalm 119:127-128 says this, “Because I love Your commands more than gold, more than pure gold, and because I consider all your precepts right, I hate every wrong path.”

Notice that the Psalmist does not mince words here.  He ‘hates’ every wrong path.  He has no desire for them.  He wants each path gone and has no intention or plan to even step foot upon them.  There’s no playing with sin or jumping the fence and seeing how far he can go before getting caught.  He hates every wrong path.  They disgust, every last one.

Do you hate EVERY wrong path, or is there one you keep going down?  Just like the player who rejects a basketball will boldly claim, “Not in my house!”; we must boldly tell sin, “Not in my life!”  Get your hands up.  It’s time to throw some sin back in Satan’s face.