Pastor's Pen: Ingredients of faith

The other day I had some excellent sauce on my steak. It was so good that I even asked for the recipe. It contained key ingredients like blue cheese, garlic and red pepper. Those items mixed together make for a great steak topping.

Faith has some key ingredients as well. You don’t have to read much more than Hebrews 11 to figure those out. Faith contains the following:

● Assurance of what is hoped for and;

● Confidence in what cannot be seen.

Many examples are given in Hebrews 11:

● Understanding the universe was formed at God’s command;

● Offering your best just like Abel;

● Believing God, that He is and offers rewards, to the point that your life is lived solely to please Him as Enoch did;

● Believing God’s warnings so that you follow Him no matter what others do, the same as Noah;

● Obedience when you don’t know where it will take you, like that of Abraham;

● Also like Abraham, trusting God for a future we cannot see and living as an exile in this land and;

● Choosing to be mistreated rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time, the way Moses did.

And there are many more examples in that chapter and throughout Scripture.

The main point is that they all lived with a certainty that God is and that His Word is true. Even if they didn’t see the promised future in this life, they believed God for it.

Do you live for the pleasures of this world now, in selfishness and catering to your fear of man? Or do you live heeding the warnings and in light of the promises given by the One True God?

Though it seems odd, live for what you cannot see, not for what you can.