Pastor's Pen: Implications of evolution

God is not holy and is not perfect.

God does not think of people as any more valuable than any other part of creation.

God will never be able to sustain a perfect heaven and earth.

God probably doesn’t exist or, in the very least, doesn’t care.

Salvation is not possible and probably unnecessary.

I was reading an article recently about Christians who believe in God, but not the creation account of the Bible. Instead, they believe that God was the One who started the evolutionary process several billion years ago. Many scientists believe in evolution, many in creation and many fall somewhere in the middle. I encourage you to research both sides. However, there are theological implications if one believes evolution rather than creation. I listed several above.

The fact is that if evolution is true, you are not any more important than any other part of creation. In fact, God’s probably waiting for something better to emerge.

Also, God cannot be perfect. He created death before there was sin. Rather than death coming through a sinful choice by Adam, it was started by God Himself. So not only can God not be perfect, He can’t be trusted either.

God cannot save or doesn’t want to. Either God started creation with death and doesn’t want to change it or it was a huge mistake He cannot control. Why should we rely on a God like that to save us from eternal death and punishment? Maybe we don’t even need salvation.

The Bible makes definite correlations between Adam bringing sin and Christ bringing salvation (Romans 5, 1 Corinthians 15). If Adam didn’t really bring sin and death then Christ is pointless. We don’t really need Him.

But if Adam was created by God then God created Adam as a special creation. And if God gave Adam a choice and He chose to sin then Adam brought sin and death into the world. It continues because of that choice. And if God is perfect and must punish sin then we need salvation, which God brought through Jesus Christ.

Layton Dutton is the Associate Pastor of Youth at Calvary Baptist Church in Evart