Pastor’s Pen: How could I?

Life was looking up.  He was the manager in charge of everything.  He made the final decisions for work duties, buying and selling and everything else.  He was top dog.  Yes, Joseph’s life was looking up.  He was now in charge of the household of Potiphar, captain of the guard.  But temptation was prowling around desiring to take Joseph down.

The Bible says that Joseph was “well-built and handsome,” something Potiphar’s wife noticed.  Every day she would attempt to seduce Joseph to come to bed with her.  It may be easy to resist a temptation that comes once-in-a-while, but this one was constantly coming at him.  He didn’t choose to dwell on it, but when it shows itself that often how difficult to put it away from your mind!

You’ve probably had or currently have those temptations which never seem to disappear.  They continually nag at your mind.  You become weary and think, “Maybe I should give in and get it over with.  God apparently doesn’t care enough to take it away.”  You convince yourself that it doesn’t matter and are ready to succumb to the temptation.  But before you do, let’s look back at Joseph.

Joseph’s thoughts were on what God had done.  Joseph is hundreds of miles from the Promised Land serving as a slave and would most certainly never see his family again.  He could have said, “God put me in this place.  God must not care.  Why follow Him?”  But, despite the terrible circumstances, Joseph chose to focus on what God had done for him.  He knew God was good and saw proof of His goodness.  We can see that as well in the death of Christ for us, how He provides for us and the friends around us.

Joseph rejected any sin against God.  We see Joseph flat out turn down the temptress and later he even runs from her.  That couldn’t have made her too happy. He makes a statement that we would all do well to memorize and repeat, “How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?” (Genesis 39:9)

When you recognize that God is good to you, how you don’t deserve any of the grace He has given and realize that He has spared you by His mercy then, no matter your state in life, you will know God is still good.  Then you must say along with Joseph, “How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?”  May your life and mine reflect our belief that God is good all the time.