Pastor’s Pen: God’s status

I awoke this morning, got out my phone and pressed my index finger onto the Facebook app (application). After checking the Facebook News Feed, updating my status and chatting with a few “friends;” I scrolled through some other apps on my phone. There in the list was one that is rarely opened. It’s labeled “Bible”.

This app contains the Bible in several versions and languages. It comes with Bible reading plans, notes and bookmarks. There’s quite a bit of information, but even with those perks I barely use this app. I spend way more time on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Why?

I think that I, along with many others, like to feel important. We like to think that letting people know, “I’m making a grilled cheese sandwich” is an important part of someone else’s day. We want to believe that others care about us. We also want to believe that I’m so important they need me to keep up on their lives. Although, I’m certain people do care and there are times where it is important or fun to keep up on each other’s status; it’s mainly all about me without focusing on God.

When I focus on myself I’m showing that God is not really as important as I say. I prove this by my actions. When I spend more time updating my status for others than seeing where my status is with God. When I need to know what others are doing more than I need to know what God wants me to do. When I need to see the latest video uploads more than I need to see what God’s Word has to say. You and I spend way more time on Facebook then we do facing God.

“But how do I face someone I cannot see?” The same way you face people on Facebook — by reading about them. The Bible gives “updates” on who God is, what He’s doing and what He desires.

The longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119, is all about getting to know God by reading His words. It’s a reminder to listen to and obey the Word of God. Psalm 119:97 says, “Oh, how I love all You’ve revealed; I reverently ponder it all the day long.” Do you love God’s Word? Do you read it and ponder it all throughout the day? If not, start now. You’ll learn about God’s status and how to improve yours.