Pastor's Pen: Free From Fat

Over the last few years I have been attempting to work out a couple days each week. The more I do, the easier it becomes. Last year I started a cardio workout that soaks your hair and clothes after only 40 minutes of exercise. It’s pretty insane. But the benefit is that it’s caused me to lose some inches off my waist. The bad thing is that I have to spend money buying more clothes…or it could be good because now I have newer clothes. Many people when they lose weight fear that they will put it back on again and do one of two things. They either save their old clothes so they won’t have to buy more when that inevitable weight returns or they get rid of them so they have no choice but to keep it off. Most trainers will suggest the latter.

The same is true in our spiritual lives. We attempt to overcome sin. We feel free and so we start to edge back again to “see if we can handle it”. Did God call us to handle sin or to be free from it? Romans 6:18 says, “You have been set free from sin and become slaves to righteousness.”

Someone who has been working out cannot just stop and begin eating whatever they want again. They used to be slaves to the fattening foods, but now they have been set free. Now they are “slaves” to a healthy diet and healthy living. They no longer need to return to that old life.

You, if Christ is your Savior and Ruler, have been set free from sin. You no longer need to return to that destructive way of life, which leads only to death (Romans 6:23, James 1:14-15). You are now a slave to Christ and righteous living. You have a full, “healthy” life in Him. One who was overweight and then loses it recognizes the newfound energy and abilities they now possess. So in Christ, you can have new life and a new joy that was impossible before Jesus. Completely eliminate that old lifestyle. There’s nothing worthwhile left there.