“I don’t belong here.”

That was all I could think as I sank into the movie theater-style seat a third of the way back on the lower level of the chapel at Moody Bible Institute. I looked around. There before my eyes sat pastor after pastor anxiously awaiting a message from God. Each seemingly prepared for a glorious time of worship. I knew all of them were certainly far closer to God than I.

I had been treated as an equal to these men of great spiritual stature. I had the same type of gift bag and name tag. I was welcomed with open arms and had enjoyed the same wonderful dinner. Yet, in my heart, I was convinced I did not belong. However, in only a day my thoughts would change…

For many seniors graduation has or will soon occur. It’s a magnificent time. But a time is soon coming when you will face uncertainties and situations where you will feel unsure of yourself and completely inept. The same feeling I had in chapel that day is the same one you will one day experience. What will you do when those thoughts arise?

…I sang the songs in a quiet manner, not wanting to open up too quickly to the Christian elite. I listened to the speaker. It was a good message with much I could learn, but it would be a preacher on the following day who would grab my attention. This man, who must be practically perfect to speak at such a gathering, said this about himself, “I am inadequate.”

What? A man so knowledgeable of the Word of God with such a long list of credentials and a powerful impact on others, this man thought of himself as ‘inadequate’. Yes, he had said he was inadequate for ministry and service to God. Perhaps we were more alike than I had first thought.  However he soon stated, “We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on God”. The difference between this man and myself wasn’t that one was inadequate and one was not. The difference was that his focus was not on his inadequacies…His focus was on his God.

Just like David going before Goliath or Joshua as he rounded Jericho or Noah as the ark was being built or Peter walking on the water; his focus was on God. This is the difference. It’s not about me and my inability, but about God and His capability.

As you go, whether out of town, to college, in the military, to work or just out of bed; where is your focus? Is it on the weakness of your physique, your exhausted spirit or the shallowness of your knowledge? NO! May it never be! Instead, set your eyes and trust on the strength and power of your God! He is powerful enough. He is sufficient enough. He is fully and completely capable. Where is your focus? May it always be on the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.  Always.